Exercise plan for a Type 2 Diabetic Patient

Exercise plan for a Type 2 Diabetic Patient

EXERCISE PLAN 5Exercise plan for a Type 2Diabetic Patient

A one-month plan for a type 2 diabetic’s patient

Diabetes is a word that sends chills on patients once they arediagnosed with the disease. The first thing that comes to patientsmind is what to eat and the type of exercises to undertake in orderto regain their control over body Sugar. Such is the case with Mr.Jones who at 42 has a type two diabetes condition. During hisclinical visits Mr. Jones was advised to undertake a diet andexercises program for one month.

The goals of this exercise and diet program are

  • To maintain balance of the glucose levels in the patient’s body,

  • Exercises will help control the glucose in the patient’s body.

  • Better control of weight

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Ensure that the patient has stronger bones

  • Enhance better sleep for the patient

  • Help in stress management.

Diet plan for the patient for one month

During the one month diet program, M. Jones should eat low glycemicindex foods. Glycemic index means the capacity of a given food toraise the level of blood sugar in the body. Foods that are digestedquickly release glucose immediately thus raising sugar levels in thebody and such foods should be replaced with low glycemic index foods(Edelman, Kudzma and Mandle, 2013). In this case, during the onemonth diet food program, Mr. Jones should eat foods with

  • Bran added to increase fiber in floor products

  • Eat whole wheat breads or multigrain

  • Eat plenty of vegetables

  • Eat brown rice rather than white rice

  • Eat salads as compulsory part in main meals

  • Mr. Jones should avoid eating fruits with main meals.

  • Avoid sugar sweetened beverages at all costs but low sugar beverages are good. ( Sweetened beverages should not be taken with main course meals) (Davis, Forbes and Wylie-Rosett, 2009).

Exercise plan

Before Mr. Jones begins exercises, it is imperative to understand twothings in relation to the exercise food eaten and idea of exerciseengaged in. Furthermore, Mr. Jones heart condition should be in goodcondition as advised by doctor.

The most convenient exercises for type 2 diabetics

Every day M. Jones need to do some aerobic Exercises such as walking,running or jogging, swimming, biking , playing tennis or basket ball.Every day the patient should aim for at least 30 minutes aerobicexercises throughout the week (Zanuso, Jimenez, Pugliese, Coriglianoand Balducci, 2010). If 30 minutes exercise is impossible, thepatient should break up the program into chunks of 10 minutes fordifferent aerobic exercise till they add up to at least 30 minutes(Edelman, Kudzma and Mandle, 2013).

Once the patient has mastered aerobic exercises, it is imperative toengage in strength training the following weeks. Strength traininghelps to give the patient lean, efficient muscles thus giving thepatient strong healthy bones. A type 2 diabetics patient have more‘glucose’ that need burning through strength training and thishelps in controlling the blood glucose level in the body. Mr. Joinscan practice lifting weights for 20 to 30 minutes two or three timesa week (Edelman, Kudzma and Mandle, 2013).

On the third week, Mr. Jones can practice flexibility training toimprove muscles and joints work. Stretch ups exercises before andafter main exercises helps in reducing muscle soreness as well asrelaxing body muscles. It is imperative that Mr. Jones sticks and getcommitted to all these exercise each day in order to make his bodymore efficient and help in controlling the insulin and glucoselevels. After one month of dieting and exercises, Mr. Jones shouldvisit the clinic for an evaluation visit to assess his glucose levelsin the blood as well as his body fitness.


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