Europe Strained Relations with Russia

Europe Strained Relations with Russia


EuropeStrained Relations with Russia

Thecold war marked one of the darkest hours of human civilization asMoscow and Washington competed in almost all respects of life just toshow their political and economic muscle. After the iron curtain haddropped, everyone was prepared to a more robust and stable worldwhere everything would be shaped through peaceful diplomaticmeasures. It seems that Russia did forgotten the debilitating effectsof using war to address critical national issues. For the last twoyears Russia has provided support to separatists to destabilizeUkraine and has annexed Crimea (Higgins, 2015).

Themanner in which the European Union and the United States hasresponded to the Crisis in the East has inflicted immense problems tothe Russian economy (Higgins, 2015). The most troubling thing is thatRussians blame the European states and American for the economic woesfacing their country owing to the economic sanctions imposed(Higgins, 2015). Commodity prices in Russia have been rising, and theRuble has been dropping and the living standards have been falling,but the popularity of Vladamir Putin has been sky high(Higgins,2015). Many economists have stated that the economic problems facedby Russia would still exist even without sanctions. United StatesCongress has called on President Obama to facilitate cutting offRussia from International bank transfer system, something that Russiahas termed as being tantamount to war (Higgins, 2015).

Sanctionfailed to prevent Iran from intensifying its nuclear efforts, andthey have not achieved any meaningful results in North Korea thatseems to have adjusted quite comfortably to the isolation by theinternational community.Therefore European Union should not expectsanctions to force adamant Putin to de-escalate the crisis inUkraine. It appears more drastic measures needs to be taken to forceRussia into a cease-fire.


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