Essay Rhetorical Analysis

Essay Rhetorical Analysis

EssayRhetorical Analysis


Socializingis an inevitable thing when we come to humans who are described associal beings. However, the rate and extent to which socializinghappened in the past is significantly and materially different. Inthe past people who interacted and knew each other were limited to asmaller geographical location. Nowadays, there is a paradigm shift insocializing thanks to advancement in technology in telecommunication.The internet invention led to innovations such as the use of socialmedia which have at great length enhanced socialization. Facebook isthe world leading social media platform and the second most visitedwebsite behind Google. With this paradigm in social networking, sohave our emotions, beliefs and cultural ideologies transferred tosocial media. Constantly we see people posting pictures, video clipsand expressions about their current status.

Facebookhave also eliminated the limitation in geographic domain and now itis possible to interact with and share about your feeling withsomeone as far as Asia when you are in California, for instance. Whatstarted as a mere fun for networking became among the most cherishedresource in the internet. It has changed the way we think and totallystructured the mode of communication in society. Despite the variousethical and moral issues facing the use of Facebook, it continues toenjoy massive following and the trend may not be changing anytimesoon. Nevertheless, everything is prone and with time, it is possiblethat Facebook may find itself lagging as was with other majorproducts. It`s significant was enhanced by the value it fetchedduring its initial public offering. The company was valued at morethan $100 million.

Inthe essay, the author is effective in his use of the rhetoric appeal.At the beginning of the essay the author creatively use pathos toevoke the emotion of the reader. “I was upset about some commentshe had posted on my Facebook wall, beneath a status update about aparticularly cheesy pop song I was obsessed with at the time.&quotAfter introducing the topic, the author brings us back to an eventthat happened two years prior to the event. It was about a fight hehad picked up with his friend concerning a post he had updated on hisFacebook page. Here the author tries to bring the reader to hisposition so as to induce understanding of his emotion and probablyenhance understanding. Being in the same emotional status as theauthor, the reader is likely to understand the claims brought forthby the writer of the essay. When the reader learns that the authorwas upset, it will motivate reading to have a clear understanding ofwhat upset them. &quotOur bickering became so heated that hefuriously typed “I hate Facebook!” and signed off.&quot Theauthor further showsthe person they had a fight with and,therefore, provide a chance to extend pity to the author.

Also,the author has effectively used ethos in the essay. First the authoris categorical that he is so absurd by the confrontation that theyhad with the friend over the post. Despite the two making up andgetting over it, he says that the whole scene still raises thequestion in him. &quotWe eventually got over it, and the absurdityof the flare-up still embarrasses me.&quot He feels embarrassed, andthat kind of character invokes the author to trust and haveconfidence in the author. The author`s remorse on the position hetook concerning the issue still hound him and knows that it was nevera good show. Authors who show that they have a strong characterconvince the writer more to share in their proposition. The authoralso is adamant a provide a complete comparison to show his positionand that of the other party. During the instant counter messaging thewriter of the essay reveal that, “. He insisted that his remarkswere made in good humor while I was sure that he was making fun ofme.” This tells us that the author has a strong will and fullysupports his position while respecting the position taken by those ofa contrary opinion.

Logosis perhaps the most effective rhetorical tool utilized in the essay.In one instance the author reveals the way Facebook users are dividedon its use. “Many of us are ambivalent about our Facebookrelationship. Even though we may occasionally feel that we can’tlive with Facebook, we also haven’t been able to figure out how tolive without it.” It is revealed that the social networking siteis a useful tool for both social economic values given that itsinitial public offer raised an equity value of approximately $100million. After the IPO, it was not clear if Facebook use couldsignificantly change as was with the case with Google when it wentpublic. “Will the relationship between Facebook and its userschange after the company goes public? It’s not clear that theperception of Google shifted after it went public in 2004. But theWeb was very different then.” He acknowledges about the differencein the internet use at the time Google went public. To further theevidence, the author quotes from a research analyst who opine asfollows, “There wasn’t the same personal connection to Googlethat there is to Facebook,” use of other sources increase thecredibility and truthfulness of the information given by the author.

Lastly,the author has used some mythos aspect in the narrative that hasincrease effectiveness of the essay. Despite the varied opinion aboutFacebook by different people, the author gives his personal opinionconcerning the social media platform as quoted. “’I’m the firstone to confess my undying love of the Web’s rich culture andcommunity, which is deeply embedded in my life.” that helps bringsout the author proposition on the whole issue of Facebook. It canhelp the reader understand why the writer is arguing in a particularway and not arguing in the contrary position. The author communicateshis believes and standing on issue of social perspective.


Theauthor use of the four major rhetorical tools in the essay has beeneffective in enhancing reading, understanding, and clarity. A readerclearly understands the authors feeling through the use of pathos,the factual detail is brought forth using the logos, thedistinguishing character is revealed by the use of ethos and culturaland moral standing by the mythos. In my opinion, the essay has beeneffective, and the utilization of the rhetorical appeals enhanced itsunderstanding. All the claims, evidence, propositions and concessionsby the author have been clearly included in the essay, hence, itsdistinguished effectiveness.