Essay Peer Review

Essay Peer Review

EssayPeer Review


Rebecca’sEssay Review

Iwould comment the essay because it has been properly cited in the MLAcitation style. Construction of ideas through artistic use of wordsin the essay cannot go unrecognized. The essay use simple andcaptivating English making the essay both easy and appealing to readand understand. However, the first thing that makes an essay qualityexemplary is the way the thesis has been introduced. Judging by theessay, it is clear that the thesis provided fail to meet thethreshold expected of a quality essay. The thesis is supposed to givea rough idea of the content of the essay but this particular onefails on that ground. The other area that needs improvement is theorganization of and flow of ideas in the essay it should be made tobe systematic and related.

Vania’sEssay Review

Thisessay is introduced with a strong thesis that clearly gives highlightof what will be in the body of the paper. Proper citation and use ofMLA style is commendable and so is the organization of work whichsupports the ideas. On the other hand, despite the good parts, theessay suffers from some small grammatical error. Improper use ofgrammar my sometime cause misunderstanding from the readers. Themistakes in grammar need to be checked in order to improve itsquality. Proper use of word to start a sentence is a factor thatdetermines the quality of an essay. Use of conjunctions at the startof the sentence, for instance, is never advisable. Some sentenceswithin the essay starts with conjunctions and it could add value andquality if these mistakes are corrected. Otherwise, it is acommendable effort in the work done on the essay (Wyldeck, 2008).


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