Effectiveness of Reentry

Effectiveness of Reentry

Effectivenessof Reentry


Prisonsare meant to correct and rehabilitate the behavior of the offender.After serving a jail term to completion, or to such time when aperson is deemed to be fully rehabilitated, offenders are taken backto the community. The process that enables the transition ofoffenders back to the society is referred to as reentry. The processis effective because offenders are likely to learn a new behavior,probably worse and, therefore, there is a need to ensure they get inline with the society order. This is also meant to ensure that theoffenders catch up with the latest development that has taken placein the community. Statistics from the U.S department of justiceindicate that more than 650,000 people are released from federalprisons each year. Further evidence suggests that two-thirds of theseindividuals are likely to be arrested again. Reentry program is meantto ensure offenders become law-abiding citizens and be productivepersons in the economy of the country (Veysey, Ostermann, &ampLanterman, 2014).

Programalignment is a complex term that is used to refer to the greaterstrategies employed by the various authority to help offenderreentry. Transition After life in prison to living in the community,life is always difficult to offenders, and they end up abusing drugs.The offenders are likely to have problems with basic needs likehousing, job skills, and health. the second chance act enacted by theU.S Congress provide a chance for these offenders to access grantsand other help in order to enhance a healthy transition. Coordinatingthe efforts of authorities responsible for reentry parole andprobation of offender is the work managed through program alignment.Supervision and traditions strategies like job training and substanceabuse program continue to garner more attention (Clear, T.R., Cole,G.f., Reisig, M.D, 2013).


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