Drug case study

Drug case study


Drugcase study

DrugCase Study

Thereare several theories that have been used by psychologists to explaindrug abuse among individuals. However, these theories are not perfectand no individual theory can explain all cases of drug addiction.Psychology is the study of human behaviors it gives explanations tosubstance abuse and other human behaviors. Psychologists areconcerned with adaptive behaviors which promote life satisfaction aswell as maladaptive behaviors which diminish life satisfaction.Generally, from a psychological point of view, there are three majorfactors that cause substance abuse. They include psychodynamicprocesses, personality traits and learned behaviors (Galizio &ampMaisto, 2013). Either, individuals are likely to engage in substanceabuse because of abnormality which is visible through mentalillnesses, learned behaviors as a result of influence from theenvironment or feelings that are as a result of thoughts andbelieves. In the modern world of technology, influence from the mediaremains one of the most important factors that modify individual’sbehavior. For example, tobacco and alcohol advertisements are some ofthe most important environmental factors that promote their abuse. Inthe era of internet technology, individuals especially the young areable to easily obtain information or influence each other into drugabuse (Galizio &amp Maisto, 2013).

Understandingsubstance abuse from a psychological point of view is essential inthe treatment of substance abuse and addiction. However, it isimportant to note that some of the psychological causes of drug abusecan not be treated but modification of other contributing factorscans significantly impacts on the associated risks (Galizio &ampMaisto, 2013). For example, personality traits associated with highrisk of substance abuse and addiction can not be modified butenvironmental influences and learned behaviors can be modified toreduce the risks. This is based on the understanding that differentpsychological factors contributes to substance abuse and addiction inan individual (O`Donohue &amp Ferguson, 2006).


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