Discussion 1 Week 1 AP

Discussion 1 Week 1 AP


Discussion1 Week 1 AP

Responseto Post by Jennifer

AsI read through this post by Jennifer, I can discover that her mainpoint is that engagement with activities and spending time withfriends and other people enables a person to forget distressfulsituations and live normally. Participating in various activitiesengages the mind in things that prevent a person from being sad allthe time. The services of an occupational therapist may be importantto improve the situation of Jennifer because OTs, PTAs and PTs aretrained and educated to respond to client needs using appropriateintervention methods (Taylor, 2008). Professional intervention from atherapist is therefore important for Jennifer. This story of herbackground is important for the therapist to understand her needs andhelp her overcome the problem.

Responseto post 2

Themain point of this post is that personal issues in life may becomedistressing, and affect normal functioning, but the help of apsychologist can help individuals to overcome such situations. Theauthor of the post tells a story of her cousin who felt distressedand failed in college due to her failed relationship. She classifiesthis as a severe problem. I agree with this point because emotionaldistraction causes mental problems and makes an individual not tothink straight hence failing to carry out daily activities such asstudying in college normally (Taylor, 2008). The patient loses senseof her confidence and self-esteem. An occupational therapist can helpthe patient to build self-confidence in and engage her in usefulactivities that will her overcome her fears and sadness, and help herto take care of herself.


Taylor,R.R. (2008). Theintentional relationship: Occupational therapy and use of self.Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co.