Developmental Domains and Instruction

Developmental Domains and Instruction

DevelopmentalDomains and Instruction


Teachingis a self-sacrificing profession that should be approached withutmost care. The role of the teaching fraternity in the developmentof children and molding them to reach their life ambitions hasshifted from parents and is being carried out by these importantguardians. It is for that reason that a teacher knowledge andexpertise is considered before they are hired to such position.Knowledge and expertise determine the ability and effectiveness inimpacting knowledge to the young ones. The ability to use thisknowledge and incorporate it into the teaching process determines theability of these teaching professionals, hence, the hiring decision.


Thisis the domain that determines the ability of learners to perceiveknowledge through the senses. It includes the use of art, music,performance, literature arts and other creative arts by the learnersto impart knowledge. Impacting knowledge at primary level could be adifficult job to do. First, it appears boring to the learners at thisstage because the value of education is not clear to them. Makinglearning both fun and at the same time effective can be aided bygreat deal using these special creative arts variable. Some of thecreative arts aspects like music relieve the perceived stress inlearning and enable a learner to concentrate during their classes. Iam also planning to use things like painting and drawing to bringabout creativity and enhance understanding among the learner. Sinceit takes great innovations and creativity in drawing a reputable artor an outstanding painting, the learners will develop creativity.This domain will also come in handy because it will help somelearners to identify their talents in the field dominant in creativearts including music and acting. I would use the asthmatic domain topromote learners recognition of their culture through the use of thebasic cultural representation of creative arts.


Mostattitudes, emotion and the acquired characteristics individual holdas at their adulthood can be traced back to their childhood. However,development of all the above must have been promoted by the personwho nurtured the individual. A child is born innocent and does notunderstand any difference. As we grow, we learn the differencebetween individual and some other historical facts that change ourrelationship with each other. As a teacher, I would use my knowledgein the effective domain to nurture and develop positive behavior inthe young children. For instance, racism in the United States was aproblem that started a long time ago. It is too sad to report thatthere are some who still hold grudges to innocent offspring of thosewho propagated the injustice. I would use my knowledge in equippinglearners to understand and appreciate the difference in all persons.Learners will have to acknowledge that every person is unique and,therefore, important in their ways. A person emotional development isaffected differently at different age brackets and this will help mein providing the appropriate education that will try to cover theissues that are likely to affect their emotional appeal at that age.I will use the knowledge to help learners understand the reason fortheir various emotional feeling. I will also use the same knowledgein promoting class appeal towards positive life goals. Accepting whoyou are is important aspects that help persons lead a successfulcareer in adulthood.


“Workwithout play made Jack a dull boy&quot that saying in itself is themeaning of the physical domain in teaching. In that case, Jack wasexposed to much work that led to making him dull. In all cases, workis important but its productivity is faced with diminishing marginalutility. The utility in this case would be the output. As time goeson, the output reduces and it could reach a place where the output iszero. Physical education is an important aspect of teaching and inrecognition of this the education sector sets a minimum amount oftime that all learning institution should set aside for physicaleducation. Although this threshold is not met in the physicaleducation lessons designated by school authorities, an individualteacher can compliment it in their way. I would use my knowledge inphysical domain to help my learners improve their concentration andeliminate boredom. Depending on the level of education I will beteaching, I would set an appropriate time that would be beneficial tothe learners. The physical domain would help in improving functioningand activate students in reading, writing and maintaining asupportive body structure. Physical activities expose children to themotor, fine and perceptual motor skill that help in improving theability of students. Handwriting is a fine-motor skill that will beacquired by my learners in suing the effective domain skills. I woulduse the skill in identifying the likes of students, and this wouldhelp in promoting their concentration and motivating them to learnmore.


Societyis a complex composition of people made up dynamic behaviors andcharacteristic. Humans are a social being, and little children needto understand the same as they grow up. Interacting with otherpeople in the society is not a choice but a necessity. This isbecause we are different, and each and everyone has a uniquecontribution that can be used to improve the wellbeing of society.Been cognitive of matters to do with the social domain, I would helpmy student to understand and recognize the contribution of others insociety. Also, I would encourage students to participate inactivities together that would require input from each student. Thisis to encourage association of student with their peers and recognizetheir importance. In this effect, I would organize team games thatwould require closer association and recognition. Students shouldalso understand to take care of others in the society. I wouldprovide talks and carry out some social activity functions to enhancethe learners understanding of their roles in social development. Iwould arrange sessions where students would be open to each other bynarrating their life experience with their peers to promotesocialization (Hamre,Hatfiel, Pianta &amp Jamil, 2014).


Itis important to understand that teaching is important in thedevelopment of young people and making them the kind of people theyare in their adulthood. As a teacher, therefore, the role ofimpacting knowledge to the children needs extensive skill besides thebasic teaching. There is no class that teaches learners to becreative, analytical and discipline. All these are skills andexpertise that are provided by the teacher to furnish a completestudent by molding all the aspect of their life. This skill promotesthese skills that are not directly mentioned yet they are veryimportant in mentoring and developing a student in being a worthymember of the society.


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