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Summary 3

This section gives the overview of the paper

Destiny Game Forum 4

Under this section the six major trademarks that defines the discourse community are discussed

Thesis Statement…………………………………………………………………………………………5

In this section the scope of the paper is given

The audience 5

The nature of audience for Destiny community is defined under this section

The interesting aspects of the Destiny community 5

This section highlights the aspects that make Destiny community interesting

The purpose of the Destiny community 6

Under this section the purpose of the video game is given

References 7

The last part of this paper is the reference section


Destinyis a large first- person role playing game which has been released on8thgeneration gaming consoles which includes the PlayStation four andXbox one which uses and enhance interactions within an onlinecommunity (Duwe, 2015). This feature is an integral part of the gameand the means with which it was first developed.

Ithas become part and parcel of the lifestyles of many participants,such that they have reached a deeper level of experiencing the gamethereby appreciating the complex network of interactions madepossible by the online connections created by players making up thecommunity. The six characteristic that sets the scope of a discoursecommunity is fulfilled as advanced by John Swales, a leading scholarin the development of “The Concept of Discourse Community”.

Destinyis a huge first-individual pretending amusement which has beendischarged on eighth era gaming consoles which incorporates thePlayStation four and Xbox one which uses and upgrade collaborationsinside of an online group (Duwe, 2015). This element is an essentialpiece of the diversion and the methods with which it was initiallycreated.

Ithas turned out to be an integral part of the ways of life of numerousmembers, such that they have come to a more profound level ofencountering the diversion in this way valuing the intricate systemof collaborations made conceivable by the online associations made byplayers making up the group. The six trademarks that sets the extentof a talk group is satisfied as cutting edge by John Swales, a mainresearcher in the improvement of &quotThe Concept of DiscourseCommunity&quot. The trademarks define requirements to be met for aforum to be considered discourse community.

DestinyGame Forum

Thefirst requirement for effective discourse community is, ‘Set ofbroadly common public goals’ (Borg, 2003), it implies that allparticipants in the community share common broad goals. For instance,in destiny video game, all the players meet for a common aim which isto make the maximum use of the game, appreciate the unique challengesand enjoy the game (Duwe, 2015). Apart from this benefits Destinyoffers to the players, a number of other essential advantages arederived such as the need for the players to prove they are skilled inthis game, to find new people, or perhaps to achieve funny purposeslike fooling and tricking a practice some participants take pride in(Duwe, 2015).

Mechanismof intercommunication between members is the second featureconsidered by Swales an essential requirement to effect propercommunication in this game (Borg, 2003). There are a number of waysthe members in the destiny gaming video game maintain an appropriatecommunication with each other, these include party chat on thePlayStation 4, online forums, cellular devices, face to face meetingsand email.

Thethird feature exhibited in this video game is information exchangesand the feedback which largely link the developers to gamers. Fourthessential trait making up discourse community is Genres, thecircumstances which facilitate the trigger of a repeated response(Borg, 2003). Swale’s fifth trait for Discourse communityexhibited in the Destiny community is the characteristic lexis orvocabulary which is understood only by the participants who playDestiny game (Duwe, 2015). The last characteristic is the “thresholdlevel of members with a suitable degree of relevant content anddiscoursal expertise” (Duwe, 2015), coined by Swales.


Thisresearch paper focuses on the destiny gaming discourse community, alucrative forum that has attracted numerous interactions within theonline platform through video games. The paper seeks to find out theaspects that qualifies destiny video game a good example of adiscourse community. It highlights the immediate audience making upthe participants interacting in this online gaming forum. Inaddition, the paper explores the features that make it an interestingdiscourse community and a choice game forum.


Theaudiences making up the Destiny community are players joined togetherthrough online connections and they observe and enjoy a complexnetwork of interactions (Duwe, 2015). These members have some commongoals they share together such as to have fun, appreciate differentunique challenges, meet new people and prove themselves to be goodplayers (Duwe, 2015). These players are able to maintain channels ofcommunication between each other such as the use of party chat,email, online forums, face to face meetings and cellular devices.

Througha regular face to face communication the members would be able toutilize both the online world and the real world together. Themembers thrive together under the mechanism where they are able toexchange essential information and receive timely feedback, which inthe process enhance the members’ research on the game and hencekeep up to date with the changes in the video game and offer theirown thoughts (Duwe, 2015).

Theinteresting aspects of the Destiny community

Themost important aspect in this game is the fun it gives to themembers, not only would the members enjoy this game but at the sametime it will help members find new people and grasp how to fostertricking and fooling others. Through effective means of communicationbetween the members, it ultimately lead to breaching the focus of thegame outside the online world to the real world as members are ableto exchange their phone numbers and emails (Duwe, 2015). The personalexperience between members is a crucial link which makes the Destinycommunity an interesting gaming video. Effective communication andthe timely feedback further foster a comprehensive complexinteraction needed between the members to make this video game asuccess.

Thepurpose of the Destiny community

Asindicated in the above sections Destiny community is an integratedvideo game that is intended to make players from differentgeographical locations interact through an online platform. In effectthis goes a long way to build a gaming forum which significantlyassists the members spent appropriately their leisure time


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