Department Stores Targeting Young Shoppers

Department Stores Targeting Young Shoppers

DepartmentStores Targeting Young Shoppers

Adepartment store is referred to as an enormous establishment with anextensive collection, and it always has a variety of range of goodsthat are planned into separate departments. Typically, all thedepartments are housed under one roof to facilitate the customerservices, control, buying, and merchandising. There are various waysthat the department stores can work to ensure that that they targetthe young shoppers. Most of this techniques include a modification intheir daily operations and also the issuance of their services(Weitz,et al. 2012).This essay attempts to explain the various ways that the departmentstores can work to ensure that they attract the young shoppers. Also,it provides the know-how of the situation of the market to themarketers so that they can meet the current needs of the millennialgeneration that needs to be addressed.


Nordstromis one of the leading retail stores in the world, and it maintainsits high standards by following some simple rules that makes thecustomers come again. On the other hand, the Macy’s departmentstores have also provided great services to the customers, and thecompany also has the potential to attract the young shoppers.

Tocapture the millennial clients, both the companies have used thefavorite celebrities of the younger generation to market theirproducts. For instance, making deals with famous actors to sell theirproducts makes the younger people to think that it is one of thelatest fashions. This is on the basis that the younger shoppers willtend to imitate the celebrities. Also, the department stores can usemodels to sell their clothes so that the younger buyers can beattracted to the kind of products that the companies releases (Rigby,2011).

Additionally,the internet is one of the major platforms that the millennialgeneration spends most of their time in. Therefore, the companies hasstrategized on the appropriate ways that they can meet younger peoplethrough the internet by advertising their products. Therefore, thecompanies have worked to meet new young customers through theinternet by making their advertisements online. The management ofthese companies understands that the millennial generation like tointeract with institutions and enterprises that are up to date whenit comes to technology. Therefore, the younger people would beinterested in shopping with these companies once they come acrosstheir advertisements on the Internet, and they will also believe thatthese products are of high quality.

AtMacy’s department store, they aim to produce a variety of goodsthat are in demand by the younger generation. This is done bystudying the trends in the market and keenly evaluating on what themillennial generation is adopting. Producing different types ofproducts increases the chance of the younger generation to like oneof their products, and this will attract more young shoppers. Also,the management understands that the young customers prefer optionswhile buying goods. And thus they produce a variety of products toensure that they won’t lose the young shoppers (JinMa, et al. 2006).

TheNordstrom Company has also made partnerships with the fashionretailers so that they can ensure that they produce the clothes thatfit the need of the market at a particular time. The partnership withthe fashion retailers will also help the company to produce productsspecifically for specific targets. It is important to note that theadult have different needs with the younger generation. Therefore,the fashion retailers help in advising the company on the appropriateproducts that they can release to the market for various groups(Dunne,2013).

Anothermajor way that the Nordstrom has worked to attract millennialshoppers is through its outside luxury chain. For instance, thedepartment store has obtained Hautelook, a flash-sale online retailerproviding discounts on high-end products for a particular time. Thisway, the company has attracted the participation of younger shopperssince the event features their favorite fashions. Additionally, theyounger people will be attracted since they have a chance to savetheir money by buying the products at a discounted price. This is oneof the major events that has attracted young shoppers and in turnincrease the volumes sold by the company.

TheNordstrom has also emphasized Omni-channel to ensure that they remainto be the best retailers in the world. The younger shoppers will alsobe happy to shop with top retailers since they believe they offer thebest services in the market. Therefore, the company has ensured thatthey remain in the forefront of Omni-channel retail and e-commerce.Of late, the company has made it possible to shop the items featuredon Instagram and the social media as a whole instantly. This is oneof the significant moves that the company has made since the itemsthat that gain fame in the social media has appeared more glaringlyin the on the sales floor. Typically, Nordstrom has spent much moneyin establishing it business and attracting the younger shoppers(Weitz,et al. 2012).

Toensure that the young shoppers keep coming back, both the Macy’sand the Nordstrom have ensured that they offer great customerservices that make them feel more important. As time progress, theyhave consistently provided quality services in this industry that isalso one of the key reasons that they interest the young shoppers.They have realized that in the competition of the world’s topretailers, they will need to provide quality services to theircustomers. Additionally, the younger shoppers are also interested inthe services they are offered when they go for shopping at thesestores. Therefore, the Nordstrom is choosy in hiring workers toensure that they hire capable individuals that are capable ofproviding quality services.

Anothersignificant move that the Macy’s have made to target the youngershoppers is when they started selling jewelry from the Bauble Bar, apopulation of online retailers. The Bauble Bar launched the websitewith the expectations of making fashion jewelry more manageable tothe average shoppers/millennial customers. The online shopping moveshave made the company attract more young buyers since the efficiencyof the shopping process is high (Rigby,2011).


Typically,most of these strategies have been crucial in attracting newcustomers to these companies. The younger shoppers have played acritical role in the growth of these companies since they account formost of the sales that the enterprise makes annually. Therefore, theMacy’s and the Nordstrom should capitalize on these strategies toensure that they attract more millennial shoppers. They should alsoimprove these strategies in the future to ensure that they stayupdated.


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