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Wildlife,unlike human beings needs the help of special agencies andindividuals to protect them from extinction following an increase inthe number of enemies, such as poachers. Zoos are some of the commonalternatives used to conserve endangered animals. A zoo is anestablishment that is used to preserve a collection of animals in agarden or a park (Norrix 1). One of the things I like about DallasZoo is its ability to use a proactive strategy identify endangeredspecies before they are officially announced to be endangered. Inthis paper I will review , with a focus on reasons forreviewing the zoo, its description, what should be known about thezoo, and the views of the people who disagree with my views about.

Reasonsfor reviewing

The is an interesting site, not just for the residents ofDallas, but also for all Americans and the world at large. The factthat the conserves wildlife from different parts of thework makes it a place worth of reviewing since the outcome of thereview will help me benchmark the performance of the zoo with theperformance of the zoo in my country, China. For example, it was abig surprise to see a zoo management that is able to transfer animalsfrom different continents and rare them with close to none of themdying, compared to the Chinese zoos staff who have been characterizedsavages and reckless people (Kuo 1). The outcome of this review mightmatter to the management of the , who need to beappreciated for making the place unique and safe. The review may alsomatter to the managements of other zoos and wildlife conservationagencies that need to benchmark their services to those of the DallasZoo.


The is considered as the largest and the oldest zoo park inthe state of Texas. The zoo is located about 3 miles from downtownDallas and measures approximately 43 hectares ( 1). DallasZoo was opened in 1888 and currently serves as a home for about 2,000animals that represent close to 406 species. The zoo is managed by anon-profit organization known as the Association of Zoo andAquariums. The popularity of the is derived from the factthat it has been focusing on the conservation of rare speciesthroughout its history. Once inside, guests can visit two majorsections of the zoo, including the Zoo North and the Wilds of Africa.ZooNorth is the oldest part of the zoo and it consists of four majortypes of exhibits, including the habitat for endangered tiger, Bug UChildren’s zoo and Koala Walkabout. The primate section of the ZooNorth is used for preservation of monkeys from South America andAfrica. All these sections home animals that are either perceived tobe in danger of extinction or rare to find.

TheWilds of Africa section, on the other hand has seven major exhibits,but the main ones include Chimpanzee forest, Giants of Savanna, andGorilla Research Center. From the documents held by the about its history, most of the exhibits located in the Wilds ofAfrica section were started in the 1990s, while the latest (Giants ofSavanna) was launched in 2010. Unlike the animals that are found inthe wilderness or the natural forests, wild animals that are homed in are easily accessible to visitors. For example, visitorsare able to feed reticulated giraffes with lettuce leaves at theirfeeding section. This makes the zoo a wonderful place to tour.

Themain thing about the place,

Themost important thing that the reader of this article should know isthat is the oldest part in Texas and the safest forpreservation of the rare as well as endangered species. The zoopreserves different species, not just from the U.S., but also fromother parts of the world, including South America and Africa, whichdistinguishes it from other zoos ( 1). Its uniqueness aremainly derived from the fact that the zoo has managed to give animalsfrom foreign lands a comfortable environment that is close to theirnative environment, which enhances the safety of these animals. Thishas been accomplished by planting clops (such as bamboos) that alandscape, a climate, and feeding materials similar to those that arefound in South America and Africa.

Anotherfact that should be known about is that it takes aproactive approach in conserving and preserving species, unlike mostof the zoos that start conserving species only when they are declaredto be endangered. achieves this by partnering with otherwildlife conservation agencies in their Species Survival Plans(Ridley 2). Through this partnership, the is able toidentify species that are likely to decrease in population instead ofincrease, which is a key indicator of a possibility of extinction.The facts about the uniqueness of the zoo, its ability to keepwildlife safe, and use proactive approaches in preserving endangeredspecies can be confirmed by the numerous awards that the zoo has won.For example, was recognized in 2011 by the Association ofZoos for its Giants of Savanna received section, which was named asthe first one in the world to combine different large species in oneexhibit with the objective of recreating a landscape similar to thatof savanna in Africa (Tomaso 1). Therefore, can becompared to none in the planet.


Itis not all people who agree with the view that is thesafest and the most unique zoo on the planet. Some people havecriticized the zoo on the basis of a few incidents ah have occurredat the zoo. For example, many people criticized the zoo regarding itas an unsafe place for wild animals when a young giraffe namedKipenzi died in an accident. The young giraffe ran into an edge oftheir habitat, broke its neck and died in July 2015 (Doren 2).Another group of people criticized the zoo when a young gorilla wasaccidentally short after running away from an award winningexhibition held in March 2014 (Mitchell 1). The best way to respondto people who hold opposing views is to request them to compare thestatus of the with other zoos to help them realize that itis rare to find a zoo that can meet the standards of the .


Establishinga zoo is among the most effective ways of preserving and conservingthe most endangered species. The is recognized as a worldclass zoo because of its uniqueness and the high level of safety thatmakes it suitable for different species, including those that arebrought from other continents. Moreover, the use of a proactiveapproach to conserve wild animals even before they are officiallyclassified as endangered species has increased the popularity of the.


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