Customer`s Appointment Process.

Customer`s Appointment Process.

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Customer’sAppointment Process.

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Myra has ensuredthat her business will have an upper hand over its competitors byselecting astrategy for competitive advantage by focusing on customer serviceand satisfaction. The competitive advantage strategy used by Myra isimproving on operating procedures as well as on her staff. Myra hasensured that the customers have an easy appointment process bysmoothening the operations required and this in turn leads topositive customer experience. In addition Myra has ensured that theemployees understand and follow the appointment process diligentlytherefore promoting customer satisfaction and resulting into thebusiness having a more competitive advantage. Therefore the businessprocess Myra has chosen to improve is the Customer appointmentprocess.

Table of Functional (Business) Requirements

Steps in the Appointment Process

Process Step


Information/data item(s) entered into the system as part of this step


Processing or action the system must perform for this step


Information/data item(s)/record created, or displayed, or printed out for the user in this step


User ID and password

The user ID and password are checked against the security database

“Welcome&quot or the “Invalid User ID and Password&quot message appear on screen.


Employee name, dates

The Employee Logs into the System

Employee details are revealed.


Customer’s Details.

Employee Reviews Customers Details.

Appointment Date for the Customer is Set.


Employee name, dates

Locate and present appointment dates for the employee

Appointment dates for employee


Available employee dates and time are entered into the system.

Available employee dates and time are recorded.

Dates and Time confirmation.


Customers Details entered in stage 3

Employee and customers agree on a revised date and time where both are available.

Agreement the specific date and time of Available.


Employee enters customers and employees dates and time available.

A specific appointment date and time is set.

Appointment Date and time confirmation.


Customers payment details

Customer is notified of the expected service charges and agreed upon by both parties.

Payment details confirmed and approved.


Employee and customer details are logged out.

The employee and the customers updated details are saved into the system

Myra logs out of the system.