Current Canadian Federal Election Campaign

Current Canadian Federal Election Campaign

CurrentCanadian Federal Election Campaign


CurrentCanadian Federal Election Campaign

Thenext Canadian federal election is around the corner as it will be onOctober 19, 2015, and the Canadians citizens together with otherstakeholders are eagerly waiting for the address of some specificissues that are of their interest. Some of the top three matters thatneed to be addressed in the current Canadian election campaigninclude the need to pass the Disability Act, redress of the issues ofthe response to the Syrian refugees and discussing the importance ofsensitizing the Canadians on the benefits of conserving theirenvironment. There have been feelings that the current governmentdoes not care much about the welfare of the disabled Canadians.Necessary requirements have not been put to allow the disabledCanadians sufficiently participate in the coming federal election.Some people through various media houses have also been claiming thatthe Canadian government has not done enough in supporting the currentSyrian refugee crisis. Additionally, the present environmentalconservation in Canada is also believed to be below the expectedlevels, and there is the need to address these issues in the currentfederal election campaign. Therefore, this article will criticallyanalyze some of the factors that need have been discussed andreported on various media houses and materials within the recentdays. There is the need to check on the validity of the claims thathave either been made against or in support of the current Canadiangovernment and see whether any changes are required to rectify theareas that have problems.


Passageof the Disability Act: The country of Canada should be a barrier-freenation, and the non-partisan partners are getting concerned with theway the elections have been run in the country in the previouselections. On January 26, 2015, an organization called Barrier FreeCanada wrote to the Federal Party Leaders asking them to enact avalid disability law (Penton, 2015). After the Barrier Free Canada’sletter, there was an introduction of a new Election Action Kit. Theproposed Canadian with Disabilities Act aims to supplement thecurrent provincial accessibility laws and not to replace them.Therefore, as the coming federal election is expected to be a tightrace, all the candidates are supposed to assure the general publicthat they will advocate for the passage of the Disability Act duringtheir campaigns. A real Disability Act could assist in building onwhat had been correctly done in the provinces that were alreadyhaving accessibility laws and it could as well work towards avoidingareas where Manitoba or Ontario has failed to access (Penton, 2015).The Canadians with the disability should be in a position to travelon airplanes and trains that travel between the provinces and alsoneed to be given equal access to the government services. Thesepeople with disability need to enjoy anything that CBC posts on thepublic websites. Finally, the candidates also need to advocate forthe disable Canadians for them to get that freedom of entering anyneighborhood polling station during the coming election and voteindependently by marking their ballots. Penton (2015) holds that agood number of the over four million people with disability in Canadaare still not enjoying the above opportunities. Therefore, in thecurrent federal election campaigns, the candidates should address thecurrent discriminations that the disable Canadians are facing.

SyrianRefugee Issues:

TheCanadian government, like many governments, has made somecontributions in assisting in solving the current refugee crisis inSyria. However, there have been a lot of complaints that thisgovernment is not doing enough to save the lives of the refugees.This January, Canadian Minister for Immigration, Chris Alexander, inhis statement on behalf of the government, said that Canada isworking towards resettling a total of 10,000 Syrians refugees by theend of 2017 (CBC News, 2015). Besides the declarations that thegovernment of Canada issued, many media houses claim that thegovernment has so far done a little to accomplish their promise.Confirming that the insinuations about the Canadian government couldbe true, there was a time in the same situation back in July 2013where the government made a promise that they did not accomplish. Thethen-immigration minister of Canada, Jason Kennedy, made the samedeclaration that the Canadian government could welcome and resettle1,300 Syrian refugees by the end of 2014 which never transpired. Thegovernment of Canada missed the deadline, and their conservativegovernment had to absorb a bit of public criticism for failing tomeet the deadline.

CBCNews reported that Chris Alexander has been defending the Canadiangovernment and do claim that the media is ignoring the contributionsthe government is making in response to the refugee crisis (CBC News,2015). Alexander, who has served as immigration minister for a whilesince July 2013 and also contesting for a re-election in Ontarioaccuses the CBC News of ignoring their response to the refugee crisisin Syria during the Power and Politics show. CBC News (2015)Alexander said that “…the greatest conflict and crisis ofhumanity of this time has been there for a period of two years andCBC News and other media houses have not done their part by puttingit in the headlines where it deserves to be…(p. 2).” Therefore,during this election campaign, people like Alexander and othercandidates who are seeking a re-election should be put to task toexplain the far the government has reached in resettling the 10,000refugees. Alexander also wanted to know why it was the first timethat the refugee issue was being discussed at the Power and Politicsshow of CBC News yet Barton later explained that it was not the firsttime as the matter had been discussed for at least 32 times on thesame show. CBC News on their discussion of the drowned Syrian boyargued that the Syrian refugee crisis had changed the Canadianpolitics as the government had been blamed for ignoring the pleasfrom both the opposition leaders and the NGOs requesting for theacceptance of the Syrian refugees. In addressing the current notionthat the current government is not doing enough to allow the Syrianrefugees into the country, there is the need to put more politiciansto task during this campaign to explain the their stand on thematter. Candidates should explain the current status and givedirections on how they are planning to rectify the situation.

Awarenessof Climate Change

MostCanadians believe that their environment is one of the top issues inthe coming federal elections, according to the latest Vote Compassresults, a CBC’s online voter engagement survey. The Survey thatstarted on August 2 is expected to reach its climax on the electionnight on October 19. In answering a survey question on the mostimportant issue that needs to be addressed in the coming election,11.3% of the online users said environment that came second after theeconomy. The results were based on a survey of 164, 704 participantsin the Vote Compass from August 29 to September 1 (Anderson et al.,2015). Clifton Van der Linden, who is the founder of the Vox Pop Labsthat later created the Vote Compass, said that the results of thesurvey were an explicit expression of the wishes of the respondentswho are the Canadian citizens.

Vander Linden confirmed that when Vote Compass conducted the same studyduring the 2011 federal election, the environment and the economywere still among the most prominent issues in Canada. Many factorsthat make the environment a more salient issue in the coming federalelection include the increasing awareness of the extent of oil-sandsdevelopment in Alberta and even the reports of extreme weather inCanada. While the results of the Vote Compass were demonstrating anevolution in the way voters are currently thinking differently fromthe 2011 election. Collenette believes that the results are notreflecting all the issues that have been emerging in the recent weeks(CBC News, 2015). The current issues of deficit, refugees, childcareand pensions were not taken into consideration during the past surveyas they came in recently. Therefore, while the emerging issues arebeing addressed, Canadians need to be informed to take care of theirenvironment. Environmental conversation is an essential component inensuring a sustainable development in the country and it will beprudent for the candidates to address the issue and assure the votersthat they will come up with policies that ensure the safety of theenvironment. When environmental protection is not given theconsideration it requires, the current environmental issues in Canadamight worsen, and that will endanger the country’s futuredevelopment.


Thepeople of Canada have to go the ballot on October 19 when they havevetted their leaders wisely. Canadians need to understand that thereare issues that need to be addressed to make their country a betterplace and it will be the leaders that they will elect in the comingelection that will advocate for the address. There is the need toaddress the current disparity witnessed against people living withdisabilities in the country. The disabled have to be in a positionwhere they can freely travel the country and outside through trainsand airlines without any difficulty. Additionally, when it comes tovoting, measures should be taken to enable the disabled citizen voteindependently.

Therehas been a crisis of Syrian refugees where different nations havemade their contributions in settling the refugees. The Canadiangovernment also made a promise that they will help in settling atleast 10,000 refugees by the end of 2017, but most media houses areblaming them for not doing enough to accomplish their promise. Thereis evidence that the last time, Canadian government pledged toresettle the refugees they failed to beat the deadline. Therefore,there is a possibility that the current claims that the government isnot doing what it takes to beat the current deadline by resettlingthe 10,000 refugees. The current candidates seeking re-electionshould be in a position to explain to the voters on why thegovernment is allegedly ignoring the current refugee crisis. Finally,there is the need for the politicians to sensitize the electorates onthe importance of conserving their environment for a sustainableenvironment.


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