Criminology Question 1

Criminology Question 1



Manipulationof crime statistics entails external or internal influence oncriminal cases either for political reasons among others.Manipulation has a considerable effect on the judicial system. Thejudicial system has broadened over the past years with the number ofpeople being locked ever multiplying. Roughly 11.5 million people getjailed annually. Though the numbers are ever increasing, the justicesystem faces a number of challenges including racial disparity,manipulation of criminal statistics among others that tend to makethe system ineffective.

Anystatistical disparities made concerning crimes of robbery andburglary has a corresponding effect on the effectiveness of thecriminal justice system. When issuing sentences, the system is ableto determine and monitor the rates of robberies and burglariesaffecting the country, hence any manipulation tends to have a directnegative impact on the same.

Theareas affected by this norm are quite wide and universities are notan exception. With the ever growing economies, evil deeds are also onthe rise. Be it national attraction centers among othersocio-economic areas, the norm cuts across all of them. Burglary isquite often experienced in these socio-economic centers at a highrate hence any manipulation concerning the statistics may end upgiving false information or impression. The major cause of criminalstatistics manipulation circles around political interests. As manydata collection centers have established, manipulation of criminalstatistics are caused by political factors. Corruption is also issueacross this area hence end up impacting negatively on criminaljustice systems. In conclusion therefore, statistical manipulation ofrobbery and burglary crime statistics causes a major hindrance to thecriminal justice system. The major worry is the scope in which thisnorm covers especially in socio-economic areas.


Thereexist several types of burglaries including Looting, Home invasion,Aggravated and Simple burglary. Home invasion is a predominant kindwith the number of cases ever growing. Home invasion in particularentails unauthorized entrance of a person into an inhibited premisewith the intention of using violence or force against the personresiding in the place. The overall intention is normally to vandalizedamage or deface the properties of another. The difference betweenaggravated burglary and home invasion is the fact that intruders inhome invasion know the premise is inhabited whereas in aggravatedthey do not. The intruder in home invasions has a clue that at leastone individual is within the premise and premeditates utilizingviolence against that individual. The sentences normally range from 5to 20 years with hard labor inclusive.

Homeinvasions have been on the rise across the country. In the State ofAtlanta, police have been investigating a series of home invasionswith most of them happening recently. For instance, a couple inBuckhead were robbed in the early mornings on Sunday of 2ndJune. One victim was forced at gun point from the garage into thehouse where his girlfriend was sleeping. According to the police, thetwo were forced into a closet as the perpetrators ransacked thehouse. They were then forced to count up to 300 before they couldcome out [ CITATION Bla15 l 1033 ].

Accordingto investigators, the case happens to be similar to another caseinvolving thieves intruding homes and robbing families at gunpoint.Three incidents occurred in Buckhead, one in the 31stday of January. All the incidents entailed robbing at gunpoint and inone instance a homeowner was forced to drive and withdraw cash froman ATM [ CITATION Bla15 l 1033 ].


Asmuch as curbing criminal activities is quite a hard task, strategiesare being developed to minimize the rates across the various sectorse.g. banks, taxi cabs among others. Taxi drivers are the most pronegroup with research suggesting that they are 60 times more probableto be killed than any other worker. In lieu to this, someorganizations have suggested mechanisms that deem to reduce thenumber of taxi driver murders. Though they do not guarantee safety,by partially or fully implementing them, risks could be reducedtremendously.

Thestrategies include screening of calls, installing video recorders orcameras for easier tracking in case of anything. Additionally,drivers could carry limited amount of cash and utilize credit cardsmore, limiting the chances of being robbed. The strategies are meantto protect the driver under all circumstances. As a matter of fact,cabs should also have alarms which drivers trigger when need arises[ CITATION stP l 1033 ].

Banksare also prone to crime in various aspects. Strategies developed toprevent this norm are also quite vast though all aim to increasesafety. One major practice is the increase of surveillance within andaround the banks. The staffs are also advised to embrace staff ids,so as to distinguish themselves. The doors in banks are also wellprotected to ensure they are impenetrable under various conditions.As experienced in most banks, alarms are also positioned in manyplaces to ensure authorities are contacted as fast as possible incase of any incident [ CITATION Tim09 l 1033 ].

Witheffective implementation of the above strategies in banks and taxis,the rates of crimes are bound to diminish substantially. In bothcases, surveillance is emphasized since it provides the safestmechanism of operation i.e. most intruders fear being surveillance.


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