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Course Tittle




Thefirst part of the essay would be an introduction. This section ismeant to introduce the topic under discussion. Also, the sectionwould be used to give a brief summary of the contents of the play inorder to enable the reader aware of the topic clearly. Theintroduction would also be used to state the writer’s point of viewand the major questions that the essay seeks to unearth concerningthe perception of the author about death and how death is treated inthe play. It will be a restatement of the thesis statement.

Body(Analysis of the Topic)

Thebody or the comprehensive analysis is the second section that is mostimportant in the essay. This section would be discussed in paragraphswith each paragraph covering a different aspect as stated in thetopic sentence. If need be, the section will also include othersubheading in order to enable comprehensive analysis of the topicunder discussion. This part of the essay will be answering thequestions stated in the thesis statement and the introduction. Theconcept of death and the author’s perception about death asdiscussed in the play would be the major topic of consideration.Additional information necessary for understanding of the topic wouldalso be considered in this section as need be.


Thelast part of the essay would be a conclusion. The conclusion is asummary of the main points discussed in the essay about the topic.The section would, in a nut shell, seek to answer the questionsstated in the thesis statement.


Howdoes the author of the play “Everyman” regard death and how isthe treated in the play?