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RhetoricalAnalysis of the Social Network Page of Mark Zuckerberg

Facebookis the most widely used social networking site used around the world.It was founded in 2004 by the then second-year college student atHarvard, Mark Zuckerberg, who was a programming enthusiast togetherwith his four college roommates. Initially, the founder had limitedFacebook membership to include only Harvard college students. Later,they granted students in the larger Boston area to be members of thesocial network site. The site gradually admitted support fromstudents from various levels and later high-school students wereallowed to join. By 2006, the membership was open to anyone agedthirteen and above with exceptions granted based on the localrestrictions imposed by legal authorities. Users are allowed tocreate an account and later modify their profiles. A member isallowed to exchange messages with a friend, add photos, updatestatus, share video clips, and receive notifications concerningactivities of other people`s accounts. The social networking alsoallows members join groups with common interest allowing them toshare information. Facebook is the second largest used website in theUnited States after Google. What makes Facebook the most attractivesocial networking site? What character by its founder makes Facebooka number one networking site to use around the world? How doesZuckerberg use various tools on the site which makes it attractive tothe numerous users around the globe?

TheFacebook page use logic to attract users to its site. Facebookdominance in the social networking domain did not come as a merefate, but it is due to its powerful features that make it easy andcomfortable to use. Many commands are available on the Facebook pagewhich is used for various purposes. The &quotlike&quot icon, forinstance, is used in express a person`s emotion toward another userspost, comment, photo, video or any other thing that he or she hadshared. By clicking the options, one is perceived to share theaffection with the person who posted. The personal outline or profilegives the user an option to update status, share their feeling andedit any previously updated status. It includes some basicinformation about individuals including schooling and marital status. News feed or the home page option gives the user an option to viewother people’s status and news feed. One can upload photos andvideo in the account and at the same time allowing users to modifytheir profile appearance. Facebook also allows individuals torestrict people who can be able to view their profile, hence,enhancing security and privacy. The use of these icons makes ituser-friendly as is with other application. Microsoft also constantlyupdates its operating system to realize the most user-friendly OS toapply.

MarkZuckerberg character is displayed in his social networking site. Heis a philanthropist and his idea was to help people share informationand communicate with others. The newsfeed option allows sharing ofinformation whiles the like and comment button gives other Facebookaccount holders an option to express their opinion about the post.There are other options in the webpage that restricts some Facebookusers from viewing a person’s newsfeed. This promotes privacy andsecurity of personal information. This is one of the ethical appealsthat attract many us individuals in using Facebook as their primarysocial networking site in the world. Look at the web page design ofZuckerberg social networking site. Its organization is designed insuch a way that it eases the process of using it. One is able to viewthe others users who are currently logged in (bottom left). Itprovides an option to create a chat with multiple friends. Anothersection (top left) continuously update the user on the ongoingactivities in other peoples account. On the upper section aresections to view messages, user profile, notifications and newsfeeds.At the center of a Facebook page is a section displayingadvertisements and promotions from various corporations. The use ofblue color makes the page visible and attractive to the users.

Anotherappeal Facebook use is the pathetical appeal otherwise commonlyreferred to as pathos. Zuckerberg uses some feature in the socialnetworking application to draw the user’s emotions into using theweb page. Comparing Facebook with other websites around the UnitedStates and Canada including eBay,, and Google, the socialnetworking site growth has been tremendous. Currently, it is thesecond most used site in the United States behind Google. In tenyears, the site moved from serving the Harvard college students intothe world most used social media site. The feature on the Facebookpage makes it easy to use for present and potential users, hence,surpassing the traditional websites. Many individuals are attractedto use Facebook because they are likely to meet and interact with alarge number of people. Major innovations companies includingMicrosoft and Apple are associating Facebook signaling theconfidence. Microsoft bought a 1.5% stake in Facebook with the optionto place advertising on international scenes. Being leaders in thecomputing and technology fronts, the ordinary users are attracted tojoin the networking site. The Facebook user-friendly interface is anorder winner, and most users prefer to use the site for socialnetworking. Pathos has been perfectly used by Facebook in attractingusers and maintaining the already signed in users.


MarkZuckerberg innovation in social networking provided a paradigm shiftin the front. Starting from a difficult background, Zuckerberg endedup in writing a successful program that enabled him to inventFacebook. Initially, Zuckerberg and co-founder limited the use to thefellow students in Harvard College but later in 2006 allowed anyoneabove the age of thirteen to join. The growth of Facebook to becomethe world leading social networking site has been supported by itspowerful appeal to the users. In the logical appeal, Facebook usesits tools to simplify the use of Facebook. The ability of Facebook tobe used in portable and mobile devices makes it a preferred option.Ethically, Facebook has placed measures that include the use ofpassword and filtering of content to prevent access of other peopleaccounts and blocking non-desirable posts. Zuckerberg uses pathos inthe way he associates with major innovation gurus in the industrylike Google, Microsoft, and Apple. However, the only shortcomingcited by the majority is the low-security threats Facebook users areexposed to by hackers. Despite the presence of few problems, Facebookdominance in the social networking front continues. Many companiesare associating with Facebook to promote their products given thelarge audience who use Facebook around the world.