Countries with the Highest Net Immigration In Europe

Countries with the Highest Net Immigration In Europe


Countrieswith the Highest Net Immigration In Europe

Countrieswith the Highest Net Immigration in Europe


Thenumber of people who immigrated to UK rose by 12% where most of thecitizens come from Africa and Asia. Indians make the largest groupwhile the Bangladesh and Pakistan follows. For instance, 565,000migrants arrived in 2005 to live in UK for not less than a year


Thenational institute of statistics in Europe presented that 5.3 millionforeign born. In addition, 6.5 million direct descendants of thoseimmigrants lived in France presenting 11.8 million and about 19% ofthe country. 5.5 are of European origin, 1 million from Sub-SaharanAfrica. Of 5.3 foreign born, 30% come from Maghreb, 38 percent Europeand 12.5 percent from Africa. The area with the largest number ofimmigrants is Great Paris where 40 percent immigrants live.


Theimmigration population in Sweden was about 2.1 million people. Amongthis, included 1.6 million foreigners where 489,00 were born by twoimmigrants parents in Sweden. This is about 21.5 percent of the wholepopulation. For instance, in 2014, about 127,000 people immigrated toSweden, 51,000 left the country where the net immigration was 76,000


Theimmigration in Norway was about 805,000 where there were 136,000 bornin Norway to immigrant parents and 669000 foreign born. This is about15.6 percent of the whole population. The largest immigration groupis Swedes, Poles, Lithuanians, Somalis Iraqis and Pakistanis


Immigrationin Finland has been the source of cultural change and populationgrowth throughout Finland. At the end of 2010, 248,135 the foreignersborn were in Finland which is about 4.6 percent of the wholepopulation in Finland has the fastest increase of the immigrationbetween in 2000 and 2010 in Europe.


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