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Concise Research Dictionary

ConciseResearch Dictionary



Thetwo options I have identified in regard to identifying meaning ofmedical terminologies are websites, ( and( Having had a brief use of the two websites, they are agood option for use for an MT because they provide very detailedinformation regarding any medical issue. I also noted that the twooptions provide almost similar information less in the wording andlanguage use. They use simple and comprehensive English to explainthe concepts. The website also provide numerous link when a search onone topic is proposed, hence, there is a possibility of browsing atopic that one is not very familiar with. The organization of thewebsite also makes it easy to follow links and request for theresources available in these websites.

However,the vast pool of information in this website is a hindering block inthe search because for fast access of resources, one has to be veryspecific on what they want. Typing a simple word like malariaproduced over two hundred and forty research for both website whichcould derail the process of information search. Altogether, thewebsite is a good source of information.


Thisis a good place to research and find meaning and information about acertain topic. According to the word book references in particularlyStedman’s surgery website, it is a very resourceful site. The hugeexperience in various medical and healthcare milestones over timeprovides a strong platform to provide systematic information. This isbecause all the medical history from the various medical recordscontained. It is easy to access the information from these site usingkey words and also specific phrases. It provides important links thatleads to the specific information.


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