Comparison between Chinese Food and American Fast Food

Comparison between Chinese Food and American Fast Food

Comparisonbetween Chinese Food and American Fast Food

Americanfast food and Chinese food have a lot of differences in many waysincluding methods of preparation, ingredients included, and themethods of serving. Whereas American food can be eaten cold or warm,“oneessential characteristic of Chinese meals is that it has to be hot(Tsao, p 7).”This paper will discuss some of the differences and similaritiesbetween Chinese and American fast food.

Itis Chinese tradition to eat healthy food so as to maintain goodhealth. As such, most Chinese food is highly based on plant protein,low dietary fat and cholesterol. Chinese food also tends to be basedmore on plants provinces than animals, with grains such as ricemaking the staple food in most Chinese, something that is verydifferent in American fast food. American fast food is more concernedabout the taste and energy. As such, American food always has abetter taste compared to Chinese food. It is also based more onanimal food with a lot of dietary fats, dietary protein and dietarycholesterol derived from sugar, meat, and carbohydrates. According toTsao(p8), fast food in America makes over 20% of energy intake as comparedto China where it is much less. Some Chinese parents living in the USrestrict the use of certain ingredients in their households becausethey perceive them as unhealthy. Some of the ingredients restrictedfor use in Chinese food include cheese, butter, chocolate, soda,whole milk, and fat, which on the other hand, make the highestcontent in American fast food. Americans also tend to buy more foodand use more resources in preparing their meals. Leftovers are alsousually a lot compared to Chinese food, which is served to be exactfor the people (Tsao,p 8-9).


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