Communication in Relationship

Communication in Relationship

Communicationin Relationship

Roadblocksto Effective Learning Team Communication and Their Remedies

Insome communications, the message sent is not always understood as thesender intended. According to Harrisand Sherblom (2011),there are several roadblocks to effective learning teamcommunication. Below are some of the barriers and their remedies.


Normally,a team have both male and females. In the recent years, mediaattention devoted that male and female communicate differently.Harris et. al., (2011) urges that to overcome this barrier, teammembers should speak clearly and carefully. Respectively, bothmessage receiver and sender should be good listeners. They shouldlisten to each other attentively, with positive attitude, andpatience.


Misinterpretation,miscommunication, and frustrations are high in team especially if themembers are from different generations and age group. Differentcommunication experiences have communication errors and bottlenecks.In this case, feedback would help minimize misunderstandings.According to Burtisand Turman (2006),information is accurately received if the receiver has an opportunityto seek clarifications.


Differentpeople come from different backgrounds that have different beliefsand values. Correspondingly, people have different interpretations ofbody language, gestures, dress codes, and behaviours. Therefore, if ateam consist of members from different cultural diversity,communicating through cultural perspective would lead tocommunication miscues and misfires (Burtiset. al., 2006).To overcome this barrier, a message sender should ensure that he orshe uses body language that corresponds to the message and familiarto all team members.


Althoughlanguage is a medium to communicate, sometimes it can be a barrierespecially if the sender and the receiver do not use the samelanguage. To overcome this, Burtiset. al., (2006) advocates thatteam managers should advocate for one common language that isconvenient to all.


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