Collage Essay on the Journey to Success

Collage Essay on the Journey to Success

CollageEssay on the Journey to Success

Myjourney as a writer has not been an easy one. Just as many otherprominent writers out there, I had my own shares of ups and downs.Many a times I thought of quitting, but the passion and desire tobecome the best did not let me. I have written a few stories and someof them have influenced a great deal of audiences. My audience cutsacross all realms of life.

Imust admit that writing is not for the faint hearted. There weretimes that I thought of quitting and giving up completely especiallyin the beginning. I was a very poor writer and an impatience one forthat matter. I remember there was this time when I felt that I couldnot make it in writing and decided to give up. I gave up trying to bethe best, but then I remembered the famous saying “the greatestfailure is the failure to try.” –William Ward. This phrase was mysource of inspiration every time I felt like not trying anymore Iwould revisit it. This is applicable to all situations in life. Iwould rather you try and fail, than having never tried and livingwith regret.

Everythingthat is good is accompanied by hard work and devising strategies toovercome them. Obstacles and challenges always have a way of showingup whenever one is pursuing for success. Just as the saying goes,“when things go wrong, do not go with them.” –Jack Ma, the bestway to dealing with challenges is fighting harder. If anything goeswrong, do not just sit or wait for it to destroy you rather, wake upand find means of overcoming the impending obstacles. I could not bewhere I am if I let challenges defeat me. I recall this one time whenone of my peers said I could not make it in writing in a millionyears. Back then, I was the poorest writer anyone could ever be.

Writinghas not been an easy task for me. However, I have learnt that thereare better days coming. One of my greatest mentors once said “nevergive up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day aftertomorrow will be sunshine.” Jack Ma. I never let the challenges ofone difficult day to discourage me completely. If you put your mindand effort towards achieving something, you definitely will achievein one way or another. It may not take one or two days, but surelyeverything will fall into its place sometime.

Anotherthing I have learned in the course of my journey is that it is veryeasy to give up if you lack passion and the strength to persevere inhard days. It may take several days, months or years to get where youwant to be. Challenges in various forms will manifest in one way oranother. Many have quit, many will quit but those who persevere reapthe fruits eventually. Therefore, if you wish to become the best atwhatever you do, be ready to face the obstacles that come up alongthe way. I strongly believe that having goals and putting an extraeffort towards achieving them is the beginning of success. Even thegreatest people whom we all admire were not born with skills neitherdid they make it in one day. Therefore, it is up to you to make adifference in the world amid obstacles and challenges.


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