Climate Change

Climate Change



ClimateChange: Basic Information

Thetitle of the article is about climate change. I located it at EPAwebsite.The article describes how the earth is warming and the temperatureare rising. It further describes how a smaller shift in temperaturecan have adverse shift in the weather and climate. From the basicfact, the article presents that there have been associated changes inregard to climate change such as some oceans becoming more acidic,sea level rising and the ice carps melting. Asfar as the climate is natural, the human beings have contributedgreatly to the changes as a result of industrialization. There hasbeen so much carbon dioxide that has been released to the atmosphere.The green house gases and some industrial practices in agriculturecontribute greatly to the global warming. This amount to greenhouseeffect which can be necessary to support life though as it build up,it leads to climate change. The article further presents the argumentthat shows that every human being is affected by the climate changein every sphere of their lives. Finally, it presents the actions thatcan be taken to counter the climate changes(EPA, 2015).


Thetitle of the article is global warming. I located it from onlinelibrary of elcentrocollege. It presents the way the earth hasexperienced a period of temperature changes. The human causes havebeen posed to cause global warming. The article also maintains thatthe greenhouse effect as suitable part of our lives since it helpsthe other not to be frozen. Some gases that are emitted into theatmosphere can be helpful while others are not as helpful as theyneed to be considered. In this regard, there must be a balance in thegases that are emitted into the atmosphere. It is noted that thechanges in climate affect the eco system of marine life. The articlealso presents the policies that must be incorporated to address thechanges in climate


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