Chinese food Essay

Chinese food Essay

Chinesefood Essay

I am a great fan of the American traditional cuisines especially thecheeseburger. However, if you ask me to choose between a cheeseburgerand some great Kung Pao fried chicken I would go for the tasty KungPao fried Chicken! I have travelled across great cultures since mychildhood and I have enjoyed great dishes. However, none can surpassthe delicacy that comes with Kun Pao fried chicken, Kung Pao chickenis one Chinese food that I cannot bet with other cultures foods.Therefore, allow me to tell you more about these delicious delicaciesand how I learned to prepare them.

Right from my childhood days, my parents and the general extendedfamily meals revolved largely around Chinese foods. All types ofChinese foods that are eaten in the modern day as well as traditionalfoods were served in our home at one time. Even the small delicaciessuch as snails that is incredibly hard to find here were greatdelicious meals in our family dinner year all round. In fact, thereis nothing as wonderful as Chinese meals in this world. Both of myparents, siblings and relatives lived in one house and each had turnsin preparing various types of foods. In most cases, my mother andelder sisters did the vast work of preparing meals while my fatherand elder brothers helped in tedious tasks such as scrapping fishfins and grating oysters for soup (Wang, Warren and Mika, 73).

There are various varieties of Chinese food that we cooked in ourfamily. Both of my parents helped in cooking but my dad cookedseldom. My mother was the most influential cook and her tastydelicacies made me overeat since I was the last born in the family.My mother cooked various nutritious Chinese foods such as stir friesof fish, lean meat and seasoned vegetables. I loved the dried Chinesemushroom soup that was prepared with onions, Chicken thighs andseasonal vegetables. In some cases, my mother would prepare Noodlesand rice, soy sauce, and black bean sauces that I came to like verymuch. The regular delicacy foods prepared in our home made medevelop an overeating habit especially for Chicken fries. This habithas affected my eating habits especially my obsession with theAmerican Chicken fries. However, the American Chicken fries cannotcompare with the Chinese Kung Pao.

Most Asian foods have various varieties that are hard to distinguishwhich are ‘most traditional’ or not. In China there are variousprovinces and just like the United States has different states, inevery province there are different foods and cooking styles. TheUnited States has various cultures with unique food varieties andcooking styles and this is similar to the United States. Forinstance, in China there are various cultures with different foodvarieties such as Sichuan, Shanghai, Huayang, Beijing, Hunan, Fujianand Anhui. My family and relatives are spreads across the variousregions throughout China and so I am lucky to have tasted variousdelicacies across most of the Chinese cultures. For instance, when mymum who is from Beijing prepares foods, I learned various cookingstyles such as star fry, using plenty of ginger, chili and garlic. Mydad is from Shanghai and when he cooked, I enjoyed the dried mushroomsoup as well as how to prepare it.

In addition, when my close and distance relatives visited our home,they prepared various delicacies such as fish, snails and oysterstews and this improved my knowledge of cooking various Chinesefoods. I am pretty sure that out of the 360 days in a year, our homeenjoyed about 340 various meals throughout the year and this improvedmy cooking styles. I can say I really enjoyed good, delicioushomemade Chinese food. I cannot imagine my life without thesedelicacies and I occasionally prepare them even when am here in theUnited States. However, it is hard to find most of the ingredients inTexas as we locally had in China.

Tradition is important part of cooking and defines every aspect ofChinese food (Wang, Warren and Mika, 78). Chinese foods are diverseand have been passed down from generations around China. In the sameway my mother learned cooking from my grandparents, I too learnedvarious recipes from her. Every bite of Chinese food shows how luckyone is in cooking. Although most of Chinese foods are prepared fromlocal ingredients, exotic ingredients can also be turned intodelicious Chinese food. Chinese food can be the most exoticespecially in US but since some ingredients can be sourced from thelocal sources, the preparation of Chinese food is the mostsimplistic. Regardless of where you are, the spices are endless.

Chinese food is very different from the local food prepared in Texas.Most of the Texas food is junk food that lacks nutritious values.Chinese foods are traditional and rich in all nutrients required forhealth living. Unlike the Chinese foods that have vegetables,proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, Texas foods are just junk andill prepared. Fast foods lack tastes, they are high on fat andcarbohydrates thus making them unhealthy. In fact, even somedelicious foods such as Chicken, cheeseburger, meat stews andvegetable stews are ill prepared and do not have the delicious tastelike the Chinese food. In addition, Texas foods lack variety and arebased on common ingredients that are used in almost all types offoods.

Chinese foods are sourced from traditional primary sources and notsynthetic foods like those in Texas. I hate Texas foods and I havebeen forced to prepare Chinese foods when I am not hear Chineserestaurants like Sans Francisco. Chinese foods are prepared fromvariety of sources with various food preparation and additives.Traditional spices such as chilies, garlic, ginger, Dim Sum,mushrooms and herbs are used to spice up Chinese foods thus makingthem more delicious (Wang, Warren and Mika, 83).

Americans think that Chinese food is course and can be inform oftake-out. However, this is not true since there is hardly anythingwithin the Chinese food that can be taken out. For instance, thewidely popular Chinese dish lo mein is common even among theAmericans. However, in China, there are vast varieties of noodles aswell as thousands of restaurants that offer various delicacies ofnoodles than can be served as take-out meals. Presentations areessential among Chinese meals and each dish is presented in style toadd creativity unlike the American food that is served in generalpresentation form.

There is no food in America that can equate the delicacy, cookingstyle and presentation as Chinese foods. Chinese foods are nutritiousand based on traditional nutrients that help in providing the bodywith various nutrients. Chinese food is unlike the American food thatis full of unhealthy junk. Having grown in China, I hate Americanfood and unless I eat in Chinese restaurants, I normally prepare myown meals. I have never liked the American junk food and I only eaton rare occasions such as during parties and when out withnon-Chinese friends. Chinese cuisines and preparations are loved bymost people across the globe. Unlike other cultures food, Chinesecuisines are rich in taste, nutrients, presentations, traditions andsymbolism that attract many people.

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