Career Plan Procurement and Supply Chain management

Career Plan Procurement and Supply Chain management

CareerPlan: Procurement and Supply Chain management

Mymajor in the course is chain supply management. I plan to use theeducation gained in supply chain management to build my career inprocurement to develop my skills and improve the procurement process.In my postbachelorette degree, Iintend to take professional trainings in procurement, gain moreexperience and build more expertise in procurement. This is aimed athelping organizations simplify the procurement function and make iteffective and efficient. This is because I understand that the supplychain management is one of the most centralized and pivotal process.Therefore, I plan to learn more about supply chain management, thebuilding of procurement relationships with third parties, improvingthe procurement quality, and building competitive procurementprocesses.

SupplyChain Management

Iplan to study supply chain management in detail to ensure I have allthe knowledge, skills and expertise that will make that professionmore efficient in delivery and also more relevant in an organization.After my postbachelorette degree,I will involve myself in leading roles in the development of keyprocesses in an organization to ensure that I procure best results.For this reason, I will study communication skills because it is avital tool in ensuring that I gain the right leadership practices inan organization. Currently I have good communication skills and I caneloquently address both English and Chinese languages. This is inboth written and spoken contexts. However, I will study more toimprove these skills.

Thepurchasing process is a process that directly affects my course ofstudy. This is because I understand that the purchasing process is animportant process in any organization. It is the first undertakingsthat any business inevitably must be efficient and smart to partake,as it involves the external resources that are bought to help in theprocesses of an organization. These resources are important in aidingthe organization meet its strategic objections in the long run.

Therefore,my career plans basically involve making sure that there is flow ofinformation, goods and services from the supply stage to theconsumption stage. It is good to note that that there is a directparallel relationship between supply chain management and purchasingprocesses (Pooler 49). My career goals will be greatly affected bythe management of purchasing activities.

SinceI plan to manage all processes to ensure that delivery to the finalconsumer is efficient and effective, I expect a healthy relationshipto exist between the suppliers and the organization. I also expectthat there will be more customer awareness programs that will ensurethat the goods and services not only meet customer expectations, butalso retain the intended customer segment. Moreover, I expect thatthere is reduced supplier risks and efficient time management in allprocesses of purchasing. I will discuss a few of these purchasingareas holistically and they influence my career plans.

BuildingProcurement Relationships

Toachieve this in my future career, I intend to learn the skills ofbuilding healthy relationship between suppliers of a firm, the firmand the customers. This is essentially important to my career goal,as how that particular relationship has direct impacts. For the firm,cost management is a major process that influences whether the firmis profitable in the long-run. Suppliers are major stakeholders inthe process of innovation through their product design, the cost andreliability through delivery.

Aftermy postbachelorette degree,I plan to be actively involved in learning new trends in purchasingand understanding the processes that the procurement professionalsengage in. This is particularly a determinant to the future successesof my career. This is because I understand that firms are employingnew methods of getting better deals through joint cost reductions byengaging the suppliers in innovation processes. Therefore, I willhave to learn these methods, so as to increase the overall valuethat I will give my employers. The result of this career improvementis a healthy mutual relationship with all my future employers, andbetter pay for me.

ImprovingProcurement Quality and Reputation

Thisparticular process is part of the customization. The customer needsare put in perspective. There has to be extensive research in themarket to better understand the specific customer qualityexpectations. It is important to note that outsourced products andservices are usually non-core based (Pooler 31). This means that itis important that there are more engagements between the firms andthe outsourcing manufacturing firms to ensure that the right marketquality is achieved.

Thisprocess impacts my career because I ensure that the final customerdemand expectations are met. Failure to which, huge losses and badreputation of the firm’s products and services are incurred in themarket. The customer is an important stakeholder in these processesand any inefficiency in the quality, delivery may crumble theproductivity of any organization. The firm’s main strategicobjective is the provision of better products and services to thefinal consumer. I am concerned of firms that do not incorporate themarket expectations of the final products. Many firms I feel, lack toconduct extensive research through engaging the customer in productdesign.

Aftermy postbachelorette degree,I will have to study computing skills and enhance my systemsmanagement expertise. This is because I expect that the purchasingdepartments I will be working in the future to have computerizedmonitoring systems. The right quality design ensures that the firm’sobjectives in the creation of specified features are not distorted(Pooler 37). And to ensure this does not happen on my watch, I willstudy to become effective in monitoring system and procurementprocesses. Through this, I will be sure that I will maintain theright reputation with my employer and the customers because ofproviding high quality services.

Buildinga Competitive Procurement Function

Buildinga competitive procurement function will require me to study carefullyand gain good skills that will ensure better performance. This isbecause competition is vital to the business environment in ensuringthat the right quality, quantity and fair prices are enacted (Pooler42). For this reason, I will have to identify the unique skills thatfirms are seeking in order to guarantee them survival andprofitability in the market. Many companies lack the ability toincorporate the chain supply management professionals with theseriousness they deserve in their business decisions. This is what Iam aiming to achieve in the course, so that companies will be seekingme for professional services.

Iam confident that with the right skills, knowledge and expertise ofqualified chain supply staff. With good expertise in procurement,companies easily achieve their procurement objectives (Pooler 49). Ifeel that many firms fail to realize the seriousness of the relevanceof the supply chain department. For that reason they hireinexperienced, unskilled and sometimes unqualified personnel in thechain supply department. They fail to realize that there are complexchain supply processes that need a keen eye.

Thisarea of study is important for my study to complement my career goalsthrough actively being involved in the procurement processes toensure that the inception stage of procuring the right raw materialsor raw ideas are viable and that they are in line with meeting thefirm’s objective. This area of study is important because it is thestarter of all the processes

Aftermy postbachelorette degree,I plan to be qualified and a skilled personnel who will have theright tools to meet the demands of the procurement profession. Todevelop a good reputation and recognition will be my main target as Istudy towards becoming a procurement professional. I will takeeducational and professional training programs that are offered insupply chain management to make sure that I am well equipped withbasic knowledge and skills needed in the industry. It is for thisreason that I will keep seeking further studies after this course, tomake myself the best in the market for the job.


Mymajor in the course is supply chain management, which I am ready topursue to gain expertise and experience. I believe that I haveexcellent skills to discharge in this lucrative and very vitalprocess in the company. The main objective of my career in supplychain is to study all the courses and professional skills needed toreach the highest level of my procurement profession. After my postbachelorette degree,I will study the core-processes and secondary expertise inprocurement to improve my value as a professional. Moreover, I willstudy proper communication skills, building of healthy relationships,decision making and skills in building competitive procurementprocesses. This will enhance my success in supply chain managementand promote my upward progress in the procurement career.


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