Career Development and Counseling

Career Development and Counseling

Career Development and Counseling 3

CareerDevelopment and Counseling


CareerDevelopment and Counseling

Careercounseling is an approach that helps people understand and knowthemselves, and the subject of work. In addition, it helps a personto make wise life, career, and educational choices. Careerdevelopment involves more things than just graduating and getting ajob. This is a lifetime process that helps people to make wisedecisions about their career and life even in the future, due tosituational changes that occur in life. Career counseling hasdeveloped this far due to past needs of different people.&nbsp TheAfrican-American marginalized group faces different challenges whenit comes to career development and hence the need for careercounseling.&nbsp

Thereare different factors that have played a role in the need anddevelopment of career counseling. First, America was original andagricultural country but with the coming in of the Europeans, itevolved to an industrial country (Brown &amp Lent, 2013). &nbspThismeant that people needed advice about the new job opportunitiesavailable.&nbspSecond, the need of career counseling was due to thehigh levels of immigrants that were moving in to the United States ofAmerica to seek for greener pasture from countries with lowopportunity economically. Third, it was due to&nbspthe&nbspAmericancitizen migrating from rural areas to urban areas in search forbetter job opportunities. This created the need to educatepeople&nbspconcerning&nbspthe available job opportunities. Fourth,was the changing needs for the family structure, as women and girlswere going to work instead of only being homemakers (Brown &ampLent, 2013) . Lastly was the necessity to train the child towardstheir&nbspappropriate&nbspvocational needs and the adult world.

TheAfrican-American people face discrimination due to their race.Research shows that they face&nbspdiscrimination in different areassuch as when looking for employment, there is difference in salarypayment and advancement in job opportunity. &nbspThis makes themfeel undermined, rejected by the community, oppressed and evendevelop negative attitudes towards career choices. This leads to theneed for career counseling. &nbspFrom the counseling sessions, theywould discuss issues on social justices. Therefore, they would beable to learn more about how to handle challenges on biasness ofrace, learn how to fight the feelings of oppression, get answers onhow to handle things as they are and deal with it (Brown &amp Lent,2013). In addition, they would learn about the campaign for equalityand spread social change that is going around. &nbsp&nbsp

Fromthe above, career counseling is of importance,&nbspas it would helpthe&nbspindividuals&nbspnot to make choices based on racial issues.However, they would choose career based on information about theirqualifications and areas of interest. &nbsp


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