Beingintrospective and self-aware are very fundamental characteristics formanagers because they are the key players in a company. The companydepends on them and so they must be good at managing themselves to beable to manage the company. The position of a manager is demandingand is filled with responsibilities that must be accomplished everyday. To do so, the manager must be able to understand their ownvaluable strengths and dangerous weaknesses, values, where theybelong, how they relate with others, contribution and methods ofworking. It is only after understanding these issues about oneselfcan a manager be effective at their work (Mintzberg,1975).

  1. My strengths

Iam a good decision maker. Making decisions is something I enjoy doingand often at times I find myself making decisions for people orcorrecting people’s decisions without telling them. I need toimprove my listening skills because am a poor one. I fail to givepeople a chance to contribute their ideas and when they do, I do nottake them seriously. Lack of listening to other people inputs is whatprevents me from achieving my goals (Drucker, 2008).

  1. How I work

Iprefer listening to people discussing or presenting ideas. I preferworking alone because then I move faster and get results faster. If Iwork with people, they must do exactly what I instruct them to do soas to avoid disagreements. I perform better as a decision maker. Ilike challenges, so my mind opens up more when I am under stress. Itend to relax when things are so easy and normal (Drucker, 2008).

  1. My values

Iam a trustworthy person. I keep my word. I believe that everyorganization believes in trust (Drucker, 2008).

  1. Where I belong

Withthe combination of strengths, working style and values, I fit at thetop. I work best when making decisions and instructing people to doactivities so that I can follow up later (Drucker, 2008).

  1. What I can contribute

Ican make the most contribution in the position of the overalldecision maker where my decisions are taken seriously and executedwithout compromise (Drucker, 2008).


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