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Business Letter





REApology for Poor Services Offered During Your Visit to Our Hotel

Itis with incredible concern and misgiving we got your online responsesketching out the issue you had with our accounting and managerialstuff. We are apologetic that your visit to W San Francisco hotel wasnot as enjoyable as you had expected. We recognize yourdissatisfaction and acknowledge the troublesomeness this ought tohave done to your family and the difficulties that followed.

Thereis no inquiry that the treatment you received did not encounter thehigh principles our clients have come to anticipate.

Themain reason as to why this happened is the lack of corporation thatexisted in our staff that led to poor services to the customers. Thisresulted from lack of motivation to the workers that made them tolose hope in the company. Currently we have fixed the problem and wecan assure that all things will be back to normal.

Inorder to develop the overall knowledge of our subordinate workers, wehad deployed them as part of our culture on the week of your visit.We have therefore gone back to our experienced staff and can promisegood working conditions as before. I can assure high standards in thedays to come because guarding our precedence is to deliver the bestservices to the market.

Wehave carried in already additional mechanism to expedite a halfrefund resulting from our inefficiency and promise its distributionas soon as possible. We have requested our workers too to maintain ahigh level of discipline while treating the customers with greatrespect.

Wehope that our mutual helpful relationship that we have had beforewill continue.

Weare grateful to you for expressing yourself. We are ready to doanything that will build our relationship (, 2015).



PublicRelations Officer, M San Francisco Hotel

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