Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor


Braintumor is by all accounts a trending subject in today’s media. Tofully elucidate the predicament of brain tumor, this paper refers tothe Braintumor treatment breakthrougharticle which appeared in the life extension magazine in 2014. Thearticle was authored by William Faboon and Lisa Antone.The articleattempts to elucidate the GlioblastomaMultiformea severe form of brain tumor. William and Lisa assert that when braintumor is detected at an early stage, treatment can be done towardsreducing the progression of the malignancy thereby increasing thelife expectancy of the patient. The most shocking assertion in thearticle is that since the diagnosis of brain tumor no patient hassurvived long term. The only solution that the article offers is forpatients diagnosed with brain cancer is to start a treatment planthat is paramount in prolonging their life. At the same time whendetected early, professional surgeons can easily eliminate the tumor.

Overthe past couple of years scientists have increasingly attributed thechanging lifestyles of the contemporary epoch with certain types ofcancer. Brain tumor has become prevalent across the globe. In Americafor example brain tumor claims 12000 lives every year. According tomedical practitioners the leading cause of brain tumor is radioactivewaves. In an era where industrialization and technologicaladvancement is at its apogee, human beings cannot evade these waves.Though people have embraced this technology, it is evident that thesetechnological devices are detrimental to health.

Itis therefore crucial for people to use technological devices wiselyand avoid genetically modified foodstuffs which are the leadingcauses of brain tumor. Brain cancer is deadly and as the adage goes,prevention is better than cure. People should therefore not takechances in regards to their health by exposing themselves toradiation.


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