Bellamy`s looking Backward Due date

Bellamy`s looking Backward Due date

Bellamy’slooking Backward


EdwardBellamy is one of the most prolific American writers of the 19thcentury. Bellamy seems to have a way of tabling his arguments in asimple way which makes his works of art masterpieces. A cleverscrutiny of Bellamy’s lookingbackwardshows a thematic concern of uncertain vision. This paper attempts ina special way to analyze the themes of optimism and vision inBellamy’s lookingbackward.


Inhis literary oeuvre lookingback wardBellamy presents his immense optimism to the future of mankind.Bellamy beliefs in the human power to reason and the basic goodnessof mankind. Edward Bellamy demonstrates optimism in this novel bypresenting the theme of envisioning in humanity. According toBellamy, the highest stage in the evolution of human kind isachievement of rationality. He elucidates super rationality inhumanity through Leete family. As a man of science, doctor Leetestrives to transform Julian west from a selfish 19thcentury person to a rational 20thcentury man. Doctor Leete is metonymic of the 19thcentury society that was awfully optimistic of a future composed ofrational and free thinkers (Bellamy, 87).


Historycontends that 19thcentury was marked by colonialism, racism, discrimination, capitalismand massive industrialization. There was therefore need to create aworld free from social upheavals that were propagated especiallythrough colonialization. Bellamy’s novel lookingbackallegorizes the 19thcentury predicaments and the destitute situation of the then society.The book presents nationalism ideas, utopia and constructive politicswhich greatly inspired many people. In a way, the book offered hopefor a better and more developed society in future. It was therefore aform a source of solace, comportment and hope to many people makingthe book awfully famous and influential in American society.


Sourcescontend that the architectural design of Bradbury building was highlyinfluenced by Bellamy’s utopian civilization in his novel lookingbackward.


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