Bank of America (B of A)

Bank of America (B of A)

Bankof America (B of A)

Bankof America (Bof A)

Bankof America (Bof A) is not only the leading financial institution inAmerica but the whole world. This bank offers quite a number ofbanking services such as asset management, risk management, bankingand investing services, individual and commercial lending servicesamong other financial services. Bank of America (BofA)provides supreme expediency in the United States, servingapproximately 69 million customers aswellas small business dealings with more than 6,000 offices that operateon a retail banking basis.Thisbank has more than 18,000 ATMs as well as an online banking, whichhas a base of more than twenty five million dynamic users. Bank ofAmerica offers services to more than 4 million small business ownersthrough a suite of innovative, easy-to-use online products andservices

Individualand commercial lending practices at Bank of America (Bof A) are veryeffective. This is manifested in the number of lending services thatBank of America (BofA)offers to its clientele. Some of these services are individual loans,small business loans, commercial real estate loans, healthcarepractice loans, and many other lending services [ CITATION Don15 l 1033 ].These lending practices help individuals as well as corporates toenhance their lives. The shares of credit extent to non-paymentprospects for Bank of America (Bof A) bonds rank in the lowest 38percent of all profoundly transacted bond matters on 20 of January [ CITATION Don15 l 1033 ].This bank uses techniques such as individual’s or commercialcapability of loan repayment and credit history to measure its creditproducts [ CITATION Don15 l 1033 ]. Bank of America (Bof A) would benefit from transfer of credit bymaking it stable and acquiring more clientele. Since the bank’slending practices are up to the task as aforementioned in this paper,I would recommend the bank to keep itslending practices both to the individuals and corporates.


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