Assignment Model

Assignment Model


Assignmentmodel refers to a form of linear programming model. Assignmentproblems are usually generated through the provision of the number ofjobs and machines by indicating whether there are problems resultingdue to the maximization and minimization of such problems. Itfacilitates transportation problems by determining the optimaltransportation which reduces the subject to supply, total cost ofshipments and demand constraints.

Assignmentmodel is beneficial to transportation problems because it minimizesthe costs of distribution of products in a number of destinations. Itis useful in assigning or allocating the correct number of employeesto a particular machine or work. It also determines the type ofresources assigned to a particular department or machine in theproduction process. This model determines that the number of sourcesand that of the destinations are equal. This model allows thepresence of transhipment points which are responsible for serving asintermediate stops (Ross, 2009).

Thechallenge of setting up a transhipment model in Excel is that thereis the determination of constraints in a particular equation. Thesolver is unable to take different variations necessary for theproblems of transhipment. These challenges include having many routesfrom different points such as from point A to B but when setting itin an Excel problems, then such variations cannot be determined inmaximization of amount of flow which occurs during a transhipmentprocess.

Resourceswhich can help in solving the challenges involved during thetranshipment model include the use of QM for windows or Excel. Itinvolves using a spreadsheet solution which determines the constraintamount shipped products from different points. The QM for windows andExcel help in constructing the objective function with different costarrays which are easier than typing all variables and costs in asingle objective function of transhipment models.


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