Article Analysis Easter’s End

Article Analysis Easter’s End

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ArticleAnalysis: Easter’s End

Thearticle “Easter’s End” was written Diamond Jared and publishedin 1995. The main message that Jared intended to communicate in thearticle is that societies have the capacity to destroy themselvesthrough their own activities. Jared gave an example of Easter Islandthat was once forested and inhabited by large animals and sea birds,but overexploitation of these resources resulted to their extinction(Jared 65). This made life on the Island unbearable. The message isconvincing it is backed by archeological and scientific proves.

Jaredgave a lot of evidence to indicate the correctness of the message.The author confirmed that the residents of Easter Island werePolynesian by citing the DNA test that was performed on 12 residents(Jared 65). In addition, Jared confirmed that the Island wasinhabited by large animals (including the sea birds and mammals) bygiving the evidence of bones that were found in heaps of wastematerials (Jared 67). The presence of these bones in heaps is afurther confirmation of the fact these animals went extinct becausethey were used as a source of food by the residents of the Island.Moreover, Jared gave an example of results of pollen analysis, whichindicated that large plants (such as palm trees) once existed on theisland, but went extinct after being overexploited.

Factsshowing that the paper is more of scientific than a creative one isbased on scientific techniques used prove that the Island wasoriginally forested and inhabited by large animas. For example,pollen analysis and radiocarbon methods are scientific that was usedto indicate once existence of different varieties of large plants(Jared 65). In addition, the extraction of DNA to test the origin ofthe current residents of Easter Island is a scientific process (Jared65).

Inconclusion, the article informs that human activities can destroy asociety through overexploitation of resources. This has beensatisfactorily confirmed through the scientific processes.


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