Arghyadeep Sarkar

Arghyadeep Sarkar


Phone: 732-512-7833

Email:[email protected]


Iam looking forward to achieve a Medical Degree so that I can satisfymy dream to serve the community, particularly the underprivileged asa physician while enjoying intellectual and emotional rewards.


  • I am currently a Senior in Middlesex County Academy for Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences, which is a blue ribbon school and is ranked 21st in USA as per News Week’s top school in 2015.

  • Have excellent academic performance with lots of recognitions

  • Have performed lot of medical oriented community services.

  • Command great leadership and excellent communication skills


  • I was a finalist in 2015 National Merit Scholarship.

  • I was ranked among the best in my class.

  • I scored 2170 in SAT and also appeared in October 2015.

  • I scored 770 out of 800 in Biology SAT Subject Test

  • I scored 750 out of 800 in Mathematics 1 SAT Subject test.

  • Received honors in subjects in all Academic year in High School.

  • I was awarded National Junior Honor Society in 2011-2012

  • I achieved Advanced Proficient level certificate in Algebra I in End-of-Course exam by American Diploma Project in 2012

  • I was awarded High Honors and Distinction certificate in Mathematics by John Hopkins University in 2011 and 2012

  • I achieved 300/300 in Mathematics and Advanced Proficient in English in all three years of NJASK. Also, scored 298 out of 300 in Science in eighth grade NJ ASK

  • I am a two-times President’s Award winner in Academic Excellence in Elementary and Middle School

  • I represented my school in Math League Competitions during the 2014-2015 contests.

  • I completed courses in Dynamics of Healthcare, Medical terminology, Anatomy &amp Physiology affiliated with Rutgers University.


MedicalRelated Voluntary Service

Iparticipated in the following voluntary services:

  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Wood Bridge, NJ (60 hours) and completed Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification and First Aid certification.

  • JFK Hospital, Edison, NJ (62 hours)

Time:October 2014 to June 2015:

  • Doctor’s office in India (52 hours).

Time:Summer 2014:

  • Doctor’s office in NJ (30 hours).

Time:Summer 2013:

  • Veteran Affairs Hospital in Lyons, NJ in 2013 (30 hours).

Time:Summer 2013:

  • Community health center, Keyport, NJ (30 hours).

CommunityRelated Voluntary Service:


  • I offered (64 hours) service to autistic child in NJ organized by the Autism Treatment Center of America

September2013 to Jan 2014:

  • Community service on Community Day event organized by VNA of Central Jersey Community Health Center in Ashbury Park, NJ in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Thisservice was used to offer free health screenings, distributeimportant health information and promote awareness to underprivilegedpeople.

  • Community service for help of bereaved children admitted under hospice program. The event was organized by VNA Health group in Red Bank, NJ in 2012 and 2013.

Thisservice was used to share grief and listen to children’s story,cheer them up, and distribute snacks/food.


  • Champion in 2015 New Jersey State Field Archery Indoor Championship in the Young Adult Male Freestyle category. I am a member of:

  • USA Archery Organization

  • US Field Archery Association

  • Certified Instructor for US Archery and National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

  • I am a holder of Black Belt in Karate from Karate USA.


  • Active member of Civil Air Patrol (Auxiliary branch of US Air Force) with the rank of Staff Sergeant:

  • Completed the following courses

  • National Incident Management System Course (part of FEMA)

  • Incident Command System (part of FEMA)

  • Radio Communications

  • Wing Runner and Ground Handling for safe handling of planes

  • I am the founder Member and President of Chess Club in school.

  • Was an active member of following clubs in school: UNICEF Club, Child Rights and You Club, Animal Awareness Club, Interact Club