Application Paper

Application Paper


Inthe field of medicine, the physicians use shorthand writingtechniques in the examination of patients’ ailments, prescriptionsand drug administration. These short-hand statements are globallyrecognized and help maintain privacy and efficiency in the medicalservice sector, (Edlin &amp Brown, 2007). This practice of briefingstatements in a systematically and uniformly recognized manner isreferred to as coding. Coded information thereby becomes criticallyimportant to all players in the medical sector especially the payerswho many at times happen to be medical insurance firms.

Medicalcoding is therefore a skill that needs extensive knowledge of variousmedical terminologies, in-depth physiological knowledge and anatomy.The code books provide information about all universally recognizedcodes that helps medical coders accurately assign codes for variousprocedures and treatment accorded to patients during encounters withmedical practitioners especially physicians.

The coding process is of various types like the CPT, HCPS Level IIand ICD-9-CM. Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of codingprocesses in the current world but this are the most commonly used.As from next month, the field of coding is bound to shift greatly dueto an impending capacity expansion of some procedures. I nparticular, the world is expecting the commonly used ICD-9 to shiftto ICD-10, an upgrade change that will see it massively expand itscoding capacity, (Edlin &amp Brown, 2007). It is essential that allstaff adjust and acquaint themselves with the changes that will comeabout with this improvement for harmony and improved servicedelivery.

TheMS-DRGs is the uniquely a super improvement of the earlier DRGsystems. The DRG systems undergo annual reviews and improvements asnone is perfect. The new coding update is the ICD-10. It has massivenew codes that have been availed in our medical facility and everystaff needs to exhaustively acquaint themselves with it to helpfacilitate timely reimbursement and ensure efficient medical servicedelivery. In addition to it, we still expect new updates with theestablishment of the new Affordable Health Act. The DRGS and MS-DRGScan be objectively compared on various fronts. For instance:

  • The MS-DRG system is a representation of a highly complete system that reflects a variety in clinical practice with manageable codes while still providing for excess inbuilt unused codes to help provide room for future expansion and growth with no necessity of redesigning the system. This is contrary to the traditional DRG system that is limited to a given number of codes while still with no room for future expansion.

  • The MS-DRGs in addition attempts to provide accountability for severity of various ailments, complications and co morbidities by use of the same primary codes in addition to the support of other additional factors whereas the original DRG system happens to posses no provision for establishment of patient severity conditions.

TheMS-DRGs is the most modern and efficient system available. It is suchcrucial that we all get to fully acquaint ourselves to several codingprocedures to help deliver quality efficient services to all ourpatients and affiliates in addition to prudent cost-management in oursystem. All changes in the coding procedures affect us directly andmay we all embrace them to help improve our system. Coding is a greatinvention and one of the most efficient systems of operation in thehealth industry and hence needs to be well versed with.


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