Application of transtheoretical model in office staff

Application of transtheoretical model in office staff

Applicationof transtheoretical model in office staff

Whatis confusing? What remains unclear?

Accordingto the study results, the majority of the people were inprecotemplation and contemplation stages and minority in the actionstage. But according to the study results of the study conducted byNigg etal.themajority of the participants were in the action stage. It isconfusing when the same number of individual, put under the samestudy gives varying/ different result. It is unclear that why morewomen than men are in the precontemplation and contemplation stageswhile the maintainace stage women are far much less than men. In theprecontemplation stage, people do not intend to change in theforeseeable future. While in the contemplation stage, people are moreaware of the pros of changing. Hence the more women there are in thecontemplation stage, the more women and fewer men there should be inthe latter stages.

Whatdo you agree with? Why? Explain.

Accordingto the conclusion of the study, most of the participants were in theprecontemplation and contemplation stages. This is true since most ofthe problems associated with this stages are related to behavioraland self-efficacy. The explanation to this can be drawn from thediscussion. The study showed the relationship between education andstage of change. It also states that people who are highly educatedhave higher self-efficacy since they are more familiar with the prosand cons of exercise.

Whatdo you disagree with? Why? Explain.

Accordingto the discussion of the study, there is higher self-efficacy inhigher educated people a point I disagree with. Self-efficacy is aconstruct that reflects the degree of confidence individuals have inmaintaining their desired behavior. It’s measured by the degree inwhich individual feel tempted to return to their desired behavior andnot the level of education they have.


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