Application Essay

Application Essay



Teamworkis essential in all aspects of life. There are many situations inwhich people are required to work as a team. The success or failureof a team is dependent on the ability of the team to work together. Ihave suffered a failure as a result of challenges that faces teams.When I was in middle school I was playing in the school soccer team.Although I was not very familiar with the dynamics of a team and theimportance of working together to achieve the desired goals, Iclearly understood all the strategies that were necessary to win asoccer game. This includes sticking to the instructions from thecoach. Soccer is a game that requires highly organized teamwork inorder to win a game. However, something got into my mind during theregional tournament finals. Although the automate goal was wining thechampionship, I desired to shine as the player of the match. Thismade me a selfish player, where instead of playing as a team to wingame, I played a selfish game, which cost us the championship. In mymind, I wanted to be like Cristiano Ronaldo who always dominates thegame and thus everybody talks about his at the end of the game. I waswrong to believe that I was the player the team needed to win thegame. We were the favorite team to win the match but due lack ofteamwork, we lost. That is when I realized that the best team is notdependent on a selfish best player. The most important lesson I learnfrom the experience is that everyone in a working team has strengthsand weaknesses. The success of the team depends on the ability of theteam to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of theteam members.


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