Ap Assignment

Ap Assignment


  1. Which of Emilie’s symptoms seem typical of a single parent?

Afterreviewing the video, I truly sympathize with Emille, as she isundergoing hard times. Some of the Emilie’s symptoms seem typicalas single parents are:

Thefirst clear symptom is prolonged sadness(Lader, 1994).Whenever she talks, she looks sad and there is no point she is happyuntil the end of the video where she is holding his so while sitting.

Thesecond symptom that emergence is pessimism. Emiliehas lost hope, and the way she talks, her only remaining hope is herchildren. For example, she says, “When my children grow up, I wantthem to know that I love them and everything that I do is for theirfuture.”

Thesymptom I can observe from Emilie is inability to concentrate. If youat her house, stuffs are scattered and even the toilet is also dirty.This signifies that Emilie is unable to conduct or concentrate on herduties (Kessler,1997).

  1. Which of Emilie’s symptom are very different from a typical single parent?

Asnoted by Berrios(1985), oneof the most unique symptoms that are very distinct from a typicalsingle parent is Emilie’s lack of concentration. When observingEmilie’s house, everything is scattered and there is no properarrangement of the house. To hit the nail on the head, even thetoilet, which ought to be kept clean throughout, is also dirty. Thisis so ironic while compared to other single parent.

  1. What emotions does Emilie display?

Despitethe bumpy times that Emilie is undergoing, she remains strong to takecare of her children until they grow up. However, deep inside I canclearly says, she is a sad woman.

  1. What are Emilie’s thoughts about her disorder and the things she has experienced?

WhenEmilie is depressed, it is the time she realizes that all her extremedreams of being anything in the world are not valid, and she considerherself as a fool.


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