Ann Chapman and the nine Spies in Russia

Ann Chapman and the nine Spies in Russia

AnnChapman and the nine Spies in Russia



AnnChapman and the nine Spies in Russia

AnnaChapman was one of the sleeper spies in the ring that was betrayed bythe Russian officer. Col. Alexander was the man who betrayed the ringof the ten sleeper spies when the FBI was almost ready to nab theteam (Honey,2013).Consequently, the person behind the betrayal was ready for arrest bythe Russian authorities. On the same hand, the assistant UnitedStates Attorney general, Mr. Michael acted very fast and posed hisallegation against the ten people who were staying in the NorthernEastern part in the United States. For this reason, the Russiangovernment’s intelligence team was very keen and used the tip ofthe iceberg to collect all the information that was required in thiscase in addition to this, the team used SVR to gather sensitiveinformation from the United States counter parts. For several days ofinvestigations Anna Chapman was arrested in the New York City on theyear 2010 the month of June to be specific. Chapman had just arrivedat the FBI undercover agent after she posed her Russian contacts.

Asa Russian citizen, Chapman was living in the New York at the time ofher arrest together with other nine spies. The team of 10 people wasarrested with the allegations that they were working together withthe illegal spy program that was a ring in the Russian federation,its external intelligence, and SVR. However, after the investigationwas completed, Chapman was pleaded to be guilty and was charged withacts of conspiracy conspiracy is an illegal in the United States.Because Chapman acted as an agent in the foreign government withoutseeking for any notification given to the United States’ Attorney,she proved guilty. Consequently, Chapman was deported to her motherland Russia on July 2010 this was a form of prisoner swap. Beforetheir arrest, officials in the Russian government asserted that AnnChapman was working together with a network of other suspects.

Consequently,the FBI agent started an undercover with an aim of attempting to drawChapman and her team into a trap in a coffee store in Manhattan. Forthese reasons, the FBI team investigating the matter offers AnnChapman with a fake passport after she visited one of the popularcoffee joint called Starbucks. The instructions given to her was toforward the given passport to another spy. The FBI agent was verykeen and friendly because he asked her whether she was willing totake the broad step of passing the passport she agreed with nohesitation and accepted to take the passport form the FBI agent. Thisis the main mistake she did which led to her arrest later. Forinstance, Chapman made a series of calls to her blood father, Mr.Vasily who was staying at Moscow and tried to heed her father’sadvise the advise was to hand in the passport that she was given byan FBI agent to a police at the local police station. This is whatled to her arrest since the passport was fake. Consequently, afterChapman and her fellow nine spies were charged, she and the detaineesbecome part and parcel of the “spy swap” that was used betweenthe Russia and the United States this was the biggest spy swap thathappened in the United States since the year 1986. However, on themorning of 8thJuly, 2010, something amazing happened to the 10 detainees this wasthe day that the 10 spays were returned to Russia through thechartered jet that was anticipated to land Vienna internationalairport (Arcimaviciene,2012)this is when the swap occurred. However, according to Lefebvre&amp Porteous (2011),the jet was supposed to return to Domodedovo airport in Moscow. Tokeep the spies safe and to safe guard their respect from the generalpublic, the ten spies were secluded from the internal press andlocals after landing Russia.

However,according to a report that was aired by the Russian media and RobertBaum, Ann Chapman was willing to move her citizen from Russia to theUnited Kingdom. Consequently, this translated to the fact that thehome office was willing to exercise its power as given by the Britishgovernment to hold Chapman and not allow her change her citizenship.However, depriving her from moving was as supported by section fortyof the British National act as stated in the Constitution. Moreover,this had being introduced in the immigration and nationality act ofthe year 2001 however, it was only used on few people who werewilling to migrate from Russia to other countries since the time ofits introduction (Arcimaviciene,2012).As a result, the home officials in Russia used legal papers torefrain and revoke her citizenship on the year 2010, on July 13th.Additionally, extra steps were taken to stop Ann Chapman from movingout OF Russia this meant that she was not supposed to travel to theUnited Kingdom after their deposit to Russia with her fellow spies.For this reason, when Chapman departure from Russia and travelled toUnited Kingdom, Baum, her lawyer, confidently reiterated that hisnoble client was more than wishing to stay and live in the UnitedKingdom. In addition, the lawyer stated that the client, in this caseAnn Chapman, was absolutely upset due to the revocation of hercitizenship in the United Kingdom. Additionally, Ann Chapman was veryabsent because of her exclusion from visiting other country.

However,after her arrest by the FBI agent, there were different and popularreactions from the media and other the general public. Moreover, itis evident that Ann Chapman became more popular after her arrest. Forexample, numerous photos concerning Ann Chapman were made availableonline and were passed from one social media platform to the otherthis include popular social media such as Facebook and Twitter whereher profile grew rapidly, several videos were created, and moreinformation about Chapman was made available and uploaded and on theweb her videos are still available on YouTube. Consequently,Chapman’s affiliation and personal conflict with the Russiangovernment resulted to one or more social media outlets referring toher as the “red under the bed” this created her celebrity up todate. Additionally, blogs and magazine gave more details andfashioned dress and styles that sensed her positive personality. Onthe same hand, Tabloid displayed Chapman and the other nine spies asan “action figure” and dolls in Russia. For instance, Ann Chapmanand her fellow spies were described as regular visitors in the localrestaurants and bars in the New York City (Honey,2013).Their popularity is evidence when the President of the United States,President Joe Biden, asked jokingly if they have such a “hot” spylike Chapman. The president made it clear to the congress that it wasnot his own idea to send the “hot” spy back to Russia.Additionally, to enhance her celebrity and popularity as a spy,Chapman, on October, 2010, posed and was taken a photo that was usedin the popular Maxim magazine in Russia this was used as an agent“provocateur” in the Russian government. Moreover, the magazinelisted and used Ann Chapman as one of the hottest and sexiest womenamong the top 100 women in Russia (West,2012).

Onthe other hand, despite her growing popularity, Chapman proved guiltyafter the arrest. However, during her closed trial, Chapman testifiedthat Mr. Poteyev was the only person who could have betrayed her byproviding the information that resulted arrest and that of the nineother spies. Similarly, the Russian news reporters cited that therewas enough evidence and prove from the judges that Chapman wasguilty. Moreover, she testified that she was arrested after sheblackmailed by an FBI who was an undercover agent in the UnitedStates. She affirmed that the FBI agent consulted her and used a codethat was only known by Poteyev her personality was only known by herhandler who happened to be Poteyev. Later, she was shocked by theconfirmation she received from her handler in Moscow that she and theother nine were suspected to be spies.


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