Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt


Theconcept of africa into ancient egypt through colonialism.Colonialism introduced civilization, a concept that originated fromthe belief that African elites and Western institutions knew howAfrica should develop. In civilization, missionaries preached aboutthe effectiveness of the kingdom where individuals would cohabitpeacefully as a group this also happened in ancient Egypt. In thekingdom, there was perception that Whites were superior. On thecontrary, their accounts and letters have had negative effects on theimage of Africa. In most cases, the people who settled were the onesto cause the problem either through murder or stealing. The waste ofhuman life is that, civilization is represented by the traders, thepirates, and the backwoodsman. The whites did anything and they didnot see a big deal with being criticized and in fact the whole thingwas inhuman. Missionaries were the agents in the civilizationmission they first dehumanized the Africans and embraced them asinferiors. Indeed, there was elimination of all the African leaderswho attempted to change the state.

Theafrica and antient Egypt relate in suffering in following ways.Naturally, a lot of people, died due to lack of proper care, somewomen were taken into hostages to force men to provide for the quotaof rubber and pay taxes. The colonial powers used capital punishmentwith their mission to civilize Africans, which was the disguise ofextracting raw materials and use them as laborers. Imperialism wasarrogant given that its basis of argument was that the dominatinggroups were superior both socially and culturally. The imposition wasfrom seniors and it is the reason behind individuals beings incapableof questioning. The policy of imperialism portrayed Africa as a placewhere creatures like uncivilized and less human being survived.Colonial power meant one thing, and that is to exterminate. Africancountries acted as laboratories where there was testing andfeasibility study of suspicious ideas are tested while the majoritycontinues to die of starvation.


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