Analytical Report

Analytical Report


Theprofessor questions the use of passive voice in the opening of thereport since it reduces the impact of the statement of concern to thereaders. According to the professor, he has the notion that thereaders will easily comprehend the active voice rather than thepassive voice. Additionally, he questions since there is notransparency about the actor.

Theprofessor writes unnecessary because there is no need for thestarting sentence of the first paragraph. The subtopic of theparagraph explains the same content that is in the first sentence.Therefore, he thinks that there is no need of a further explanationof the topic since it is self-explanatory.

Inthe third paragraph, Professor Roberts is questioning therelationship between product damage and the high-speed accidents. Hebelieves that the consequences listed by the student are not a resultof high speed. He does not like the last segment of the paragraph,“This standard is necessary to minimize the risk of injury toworkers and possible losses in product damage due to high-speedaccidents.

Whenthe professor says that it is jammed, he implies that various pointshave been brought up in the same sentence yet they do not have anyrelationship. I would rewrite the sentence as: “Both lifts operatewith little damage. Also, no injuries have been recorded based on theinformation from the companies that have used the lifts previously.

Ialso noted the comment of the professor regarding the crucial resultsthat have been highlighted at the beginning of the paper. Thisimplies that giving an overview of the expected outcomes is vital tocapture the attention of the readers. Mentioning this results is alsoessential to maintain the theme of the essay since the expectedoutcomes must be illustrated.

Thepurpose of this analytical report was to know and fix some problemsthat were made in the essay. The report applied to various rhetoricalpatterns in our textbook. For instance, Sherry Burgus’ patternoffering a commentary on editing papers. She discusses of littlecommentary and suggestions and explanations that have been reviewedby the professor.