Against the Same Sex Marriage

Against the Same Sex Marriage


Same-sex marriage is a controversial issue in the society. Even afterthe government declaring legal through the judicial system, asignificant number of people in the society feel that it is againstthe tradition of the society and morally unacceptable (Baunach,2012). Conversely, there is a good number of citizens who havenothing to do with the issue while others uphold it. Clearing the airon the inappropriateness of same-sex marriages is imperative toaffirm the arguments of the opposers and the policy makers who votein support of the issue.

The population in the community that is against same-sex marriages islikely going to read this essay as well as the policy makers who haveno take on the issue. There are clues in the title of this topicsince it is addressing a controversial issue in which several partieshave interests. Since it will take the detracting side, those withsimilar thoughts will read it as well as those who lie on the barwithout a stand (Baunach, 2012). The two audiences will be theopposers and the undecided population.

The best way to approach is through a multi-approach perspective ofboth professional and friendly. The professional approach will showhow the issue is inconsistent with the traditional values of thesociety. It will, however, avoid the legal position since the law isan institution brought about by the same people who support the issue(Baunach, 2012).Therefore, it will help people to see beyond thelegal position. The friendly approach will attack the issue on alight note and express its effects on the social relationships in thesociety.

The topic is imperative to the audience since it will help theopposers stick to their course. It will also provide insight to theundecided to make up their minds and join others in speaking againstsame-sex marriages.


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