A Visit to New York City

A Visit to New York City

AVisit to New York City

Travellingand visiting new places is one of the most common hobbies for a largenumber of people. Indeed, such hobbies are accomplished in the closeor far off places, with every place having numerous lessons to offerin both the long-term and the short-term. As much as I am an ardentfan of travelling, I am a bit choosy as far as getting an appropriateand exciting place for visiting is concerned. However, perhaps one ofthe most exciting places I have ever visited is the New York City,which I did last summer.

Onany individual who is seeking queer prizes such as a feeling ofmodernity with the distinctive essence of the past and, particularly,the ancient times, New York can bestow these alongside a gift ofprivacy and loneliness. Volumes of books and literary works have beenwritten about the city, giving tribute to its immense doubtfulness,the teeming humanity, as well as the light and air. Of course, thereis likely to be numerous changes in the decades to come. However,some things will remain the same.

NewYork City may be associated with huge buildings that go right intothe sky and immensely congested sidewalks that have people desperateto do some shopping in the famous stores. As much as I did not stayfor long in the city, I actually got lost as the voices of persistentattractions beckoned and covered me in their awe. As much as I gottired as a result of walking, I was constantly called into gettingthe New York Experience.

Oncea person gets into the jungle of huge buildings, one notices themobbed streets full of cars and cabs. The smell of exhaust fumes takeup the air. Upon getting deeper into the city, one is welcomed by thearoma of delicious foods from the many restaurants, giving one acraving for the city’s exotic foods and beverages. There arenumerous street vendors that call out individuals. Noise levels reachhigh levels as the constant commotion of voices goes up and down,worsened by the mix of numerous music styles that form a wild tune.

Oneof the most exciting things about the New York City is its museumsand especially the Museum of the City of New York. The museumincorporates drawings, prints and photo collections that detail thecity’s built environment, as well as the constantly changing socialand political landscape from numerous centuries to the current times.Even more appealing is the Grand Central Station, a landmark that hasbeen in Midtown Manhattan since the 19thcentury. The terminal features a big astronomical mural and famousart statues, brilliant bronze, as well as gold accents. One of thethings that a person can never miss in New York City is the Statue ofLiberty. The 152 feet tall statue that is raised on a 150 foot tallpedestal, making a total of 302 feet, is made of copper. Placed inthe New York City harbor’s entrance, the statue makes the citypretty unique and creates a domineering air around the place. Ofcourse, it is difficult to see the entire City in a day or two.However, irrespective of the time of day or even the part of the citythat one visits, one is bound to have a unique and unforgettableexperience in New York City.