Thefurniture market is very competitive. Therefore, the self designapplication will be faced with intense competition both online andoffline. The application with be faced with intense competition forother similar applications development by furniture manufacturerssuch as IKEA. It is important to note that the furniture market inthe United States is over 125 billion dollar. Although there arenumerous challenges that have face major players in the market, it isa very competitive market. The market with faced with intensecompetition especially from cheap and high quality furniture fromChina. Statistics indicates that furniture import from China accountsfor about a third of the United States market (Oh, 2004). Therefore,the application will be competing with both local and internationalfurniture manufacturers. However, scholars have argued that marketingstrategies in the furniture market are not very effective. This givesroom for new entrant into the market, if they are able to employ moreeffective marketing strategies. Thus, there are significantopportunities in the market, since the application increases theability of the designers to understand the buying behaviors andpreferences of their customers. Additionally, the application withgive the manufacturers a direct channel through which they care reachtheir clients. This is as opposed to traditional marketing wherefurniture manufacturers sell their products through distributers.Nonetheless, there are several augmented reality solutions that havebeen launched in the furniture industry. While some of thisapplication is made by software developers for general use, othersare customized for specific furniture. For example, when AugmentedPixels launched ShowInRoom in 2013, the application was notcustomized and could be used by diverse manufacturers anddistributors (Augmented Pixels, nd). However, more competition willbe as a result of more customized application such as IKEA catalogthat enables their customers to have a virtual preview of theavailable furniture in a room.


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