28 September, 2015

28 September, 2015

TO:Antony Galbato


RE:The Role of the Company’s Reputation in the Recruitment Process

Thereputation of a company is an important factor to consider in therecruitment of employees. According to the MIT, reputation mattersbecause of the demand for good talent that companies are competingfor in the market for labor (Augeret al, 2013).To hire the best employees, it is recommended that a companyestablishes the best reputation that can attract them. In buildingthe reputation, companies should consider the three types ofreputation that form a multi-dimensional reputation. These aspects ofreputation are corporate reputation, the workplace reputation andthe social responsibility image (Augeret al, 2013).

Thefirst role of reputation during recruiting is the attraction oftalent. In the job market, there is a war for the best talent and themost appropriately skilled employees (Augeret al, 2013).There are many organizations for the best talented job seekers canchoose from, especially the MBA graduates. In addition, manyorganizations want to hire the best talent so that they can gain acompetitive advantage in the current world that needs innovation toexcel. Therefore, a company should look for ways that will create adesire for the new prospective employees to be interested to workwith the company. For an organization, the job market offersopportunities for hiring not only the best but also the talentedemployees. Therefore, establishing a good reputation is a necessityin attracting these talents.

Thesecond role of reputation is to make the job more lucrative for thejob seekers. The reputation of a company makes the jobs provided bythat company more attractive and appealing to the person looking fora job (Augeret al, 2013).Reputation influences employees to choose the most reputable companyat the expense of the less reputable organizations. This is becauseemployees do not seek only financial remuneration, but also thesatisfaction that comes with a job in a reputable company. Therefore,when hiring the 2000 employees in MBA programs and 3000 non-MBAprograms, it is important that the company considers its reputationamong other factors that will influence the success of therecruitment.

Inaddition, reputation paints the company as a responsible employer anda partner of the employee to work with. This role is mostly played bythe type of reputation found in the social corporate responsibilityof an organization. This does not only have an effect on the newrecruits, but also on the current employees (Augeret al, 2013).This is because the new employees feel a sense of confidence in theorganization because of the level of responsibility created by thereputation of the company. The reputation of social responsibilityfurther helps a company to fall in the favor of the choice of theprospective employees.

TheMIT article seeks to explore the role of reputation in therecruitment of employees. Reputation wins the war for the best talentfor a company in the job market by attracting the talented employees,makes the job lucrative and creates a sense of responsibility. It istherefore important that companies maintain good reputation tobenefit from its benefits during recruitment.


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